Review: The Demon’s Deception by Lisa Alder

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Review: The Demon’s Deception by Lisa Alder
The Demon’s Deception

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Series: Demon’s Unleashed #4
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on March 29, 2013
Pages: 127
Format: eBook
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I saw the blurb on this futuristic paranormal erotic romance and just had to give this new-to-me author and her series a try.  Normally, I’m a big proponent of reading a series in order and I think that is a good idea with this series, but that being said I was able read and enjoy this story just fine.

Barbas, the demon of healing, along with his fellow demons are in an immortal battle with the fae who locked their kind away for thousands of years before their recent powerful escape from the lower regions.  They know they have a spy in the castle, but have been frustrated in all efforts to find him/her.  Barbas feels there is only one thing left to do.  He must go and infiltrate the fae and seek the answer there.  But how to get into the fae kingdom and how to keep his deepest secret safe when doing so.

Aine, the fae princess, finds her life is hopeless for a few reasons and she thinks losing her virginity is the key to change.  Unfortunately, her father has a different opinion and no amount of persuasion will change his mind.  He is dead set against the demons and waging war against them has his full attention.  Aine hates the isolated existence that her gift of truthsaying gives her because no one will touch her because by her touch she can read the truth they would hide from others.  She devises a plan that will deal with the pesky virginity issue and it works- sort of.  Trouble is, instead of one of her body guards, it is a human stranger that gives her what she wants in the forest clearing.

Barbas cannot believe what he is seeing.  While settling in to wait in the place where the majority of fae activity has been, he falls asleep and wakes up to the most erotic sight he as seen.  A beautiful woman is naked and clumsily trying to seduce her own men.  She notices him and tricks her guard into leaving when she sees his interest.  What was meant to just be a trifling moment affects both of them and he begs her to return again.

Aine is unsure about her moment in the forest, but the stranger still has a strong appeal so she is not disappointed when her father sends her out to the human village to search out a demon spy who has been asking questions about the fae.  Instead of a spy, she finds her one-time lover and they come together again.  And this time it is magical, but this time they are caught.  Time in the fae dungeon together brings a new level of intimacy to them.  But can it survive the truth when it is known- particularly Barbas’ truths.

Wowsers!  This one was smoking hot right from the start.  Barbas and Aine held nothing back in that forest meadow on either occasion.  But after the grand opening, the story showed that it had a good plot driving it along and not just the passion.  I loved how the tension regarding both their motives added a layer of suspense to the relationship.  Plus there was the mystery surrounding who the actual spies were and what the fae king is up to.  This is a shorter piece, but there was still time to get to know Barbas and Aine.  She was a bossy Princess around him many times, but he liked to dominate too.  It was always a test of wills over who would come out ahead in their relationship, but all in all I did like them together.  Some of the twists in the end were nice surprises that took things a different direction from what I was expecting.

Now this one really didn’t get into the backdrop of the story- futuristic post-industrial earth- at all so I assume this gets covered in some of the early books.

After reading this one, I definitely want to go back and read the other stories and look forward to where the series is going.  This will appeal to those who enjoy paranormal erotic romance focus on the erotic.

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