Review: The Devil’s Thief by Samantha Kane

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I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: The Devil’s Thief by Samantha Kane
The Devil's Thief

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Series: The Saints' Devils,
Genres: Historical Romance
Published by Love Swept
Released on November 12, 2012
Source: NetGalley
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I don’t read historical romances often anymore. Mostly because they seem like a formula where you plug in the spunky, virgin heroine and the Lord who is diddling anything that walks and suddenly they can’t live without each other. The conflict they go through seems so mild anymore. With words like manhood, womanhood, sex, etc. I just got tired of the innuendo instead of saying what everything is. So I leapt at a chance to read one since it had been a long time. I met the author on an elevator at AAD and while I knew who she was, I had not read anything by her (or that I can remember). I found out later she writes a popular M/M series. What better way to get back into historical romances than with Samantha Kane? Unfortunately, it fell flat for me.

Julianna Harte is the daughter of a reformed jewel thief. Her father has found love and now doesn’t need to steal jewels to provide for his daughter. But Julianne doesn’t spend her days at needlework and looking for a husband, she works tirelessly to help a foundling home which now needs money or it will be closed and the children put back on the streets. She formulated a plan to steal the neighbors famous family pearl only to get caught.

Alasdair Sharpe knows he has captured a beauty, but the darkness keeps her identity at bay. He offers her the pearl in exchange for one night of passion, never intending to give up the pearl. Instead he plans to claim her as his mistress and set her up in style. The next morning, he knows he has been taken as the pearl is gone, but so is the mystery lady. Now he is on a race to find the family pearl before the family finds out.

Through a lot of missteps, Alasdair does find Julianna with the help of his two friends which were in the book a lot. I mean a lot. Often they are dragging one out of his bed drunk while the other seems to know everyone and everything in London. Through a ball, they all find Julianna and so begins the love affair and the question of a pearl.

I found the buddies to be overbearing to the book and really too stuffy. Since this is a series, I am sure they get their own books, so maybe that will work itself out. Julianna confused me a lot. She steals the pearl, gives up her virginity and then fences the pearl in a very unreputable establishment. Also making friends with the unreputable people there. She has the money she needs but she has a change of heart. Then tries to get the pearl back unsuccessfully. She loves Alasdair, but won’t let him closer until she returns the pearl. I just got tired of her giving in to him whenever he shows up.

Alasdair…I couldn’t figure out if he was a love ’em leave them type, stuffy guy, or stand up guy. He floundered all over the place. I wanted more alphaness out of him. While he is passionate, he doesn’t take control and just do what needs to be done. And his friends kept butting in to the situations making it worse.

It all ends happily, but predictably. I wanted more fire in the passion. More decisiveness and less flightiness. I wanted this book to prove my theory wrong on historical romance and instead it left me right where I started, not wanting to read them.

Who would I recommend this too? Anyone who likes historical romances. If you do, then this is fabulously written. If you aren’t into them, then take a pass and move onto the genres you do like. As I want to read more Samantha King, I am going to check out some of her other books in different genres and leave history in the past.

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Sophia Rose
9 years ago

There are definitely some classic formulas and cliches in Historical Romances some are easier to take than others. Enjoyed your review, Shari!