Review: The Frenchman’s Reluctant Surrender by Anne Ivory

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: The Frenchman’s Reluctant Surrender by Anne Ivory
The Frenchman's Reluctant Surrender

Half a Star

Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on December 14, 2011
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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This is a very hard review to write as I wanted to like it for the author’s sake. Unfortunately, the book failed on so many levels to reach me. The characters were so unlikable and I felt like I was a teenager again reading Harlequin romances. It really did feel like something I used to read that I can’t now understand why.

Iris Falconer is the daughter of a rich financer who has made the break from her father and started her own business. When her father enlists her help with a party he is throwing, she knows he is offering her up to Jeanluc DeLeon for his business. She goes to the party, but steers clear of Jeanluc until they have a chance glance across the room. Jeanluc seeks her out having been drawn to her. She of course rebuffs him finding him offensive even if she is attracted to him.

Jeanluc DeLeon is successful and can have any woman he wants. He isn’t the marrying kind with all kinds of skeletons in his closet on that subject. He wants Iris and decides he isn’t going to take no for an answer. He finds out where she lives and goes to her apartment where upon they have a passionate scene with no birth control or protection.

Through sometime, the play cat and mouse with each other until Jeanluc makes an offer to her to be his mistress, which she of course turns down. Then he resorts to  blackmail to get her to go to a small town in France with him. This is where Iris falls in love with him and basically, in my opinion, becomes is door mat.

She says she will stay with him as long as he will have her, but he continually is rude with her. He accuses her of things, yells at her, puts her away from him, draws her back, sets her aside, accuses her some more and on and on it went. So this wonderful strong woman I met in the first part of the story basically keeps falling for him every time he says he is sorry and then has her heart broken over and over again. It just got tiring. Desire or not, she was a human and he seemed to forget she had feelings or even the dignity of being treated with respect. I just lost respect for Iris because she couldn’t move on.

On top of how Jeanluc treated her, I got tired of her father. Her father almost pimps her out in the first part of the book. Yes, his business is going under and he really needs Jeanluc’s business, but for heaven’s sake this is your daughter. I possibly could have gotten past this point if he really didn’t have a caring bone in his body for Iris, but we see him almost turn around 180 degrees. He later warns her about Jeanluc and tries to protect her. Then later he is worried about her when she gets back from the trip. It just seemed he couldn’t decide what he wanted.

Then there was Iris’s gay business partner Alex. I liked his character until he used the word “girlfriend” in reference to her. The stereotype just got to me for some reason as I didn’t think we needed an over the top, flamboyant gay guy. Why do we feel the need to stereotype gay people this way?

The love scenes were reminiscent of stories I used to read 20 years ago. They didn’t stir me. They were kind of blah except for the first scene. He used condoms after the first time and she never got on birth control. I kind of felt he condemned her for that. Even if she was on birth control, I hope she would have made him wear a condom, not knowing where he has been.

Unfortunately I can’t recommend this book. One of my other reviewers on the site tried to read it and gave up. I felt the same way. It just wasn’t a story I wanted to continue reading.

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