Review: The Naughty List by Jodi Redford

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Review: The Naughty List by Jodi Redford
The Naughty List

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Genres: Holiday Romance, Menage Romance
Published by Samhain Publishing
Released on November 29, 2011
Format: eBook
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A good girl with a broken heart, Lacey isn’t looking for love even if it comes from her two best friends Ryan and Bram. When confronted by a girlfriend of Bram’s, Lacey gets hung up on the fact that she is a good girl and boring. That night while mulling the problem, Lacey creates a “Naughty List” adding some risqué sexual experiences to it. It is a list of things she wants to do that are ohhhh soooo naughty. After a few glasses of wine she grows tired and decided to email the list to herself and work to add to it the next day.

The next day she shows up late to work…gets a call from a friend having gotten the email. Yep, she emailed to an distribution list instead of herself…and guess who are on the list? You guessed it! Ryan and Bram… and one of the very naughty items was to have a ménage with both. Wow!

The one thing Lacey doesn’t know is the men have loved her since they were in high school. They have never thought of sharing Lacey, but decided to not pursue her and ruin the friendship they all have. But when they get the email, the men want to show Lacey that every one of her wishes can come true…with them. And so begins the love relationship between the three.

First you have to understand, Lacy and the boys own their own bar so she is the boss…or else I would be screaming at her why would you email it to your work account. Second, why would you work on it at work even if you are the boss? Really? Bram’s sister also gets a copy of the email and is aware of everything going on.

The sex was extremely hot and Ryan and Bram rock my socks off loving Lacey. They help to check off each item on her list while indulging themselves in the feelings they have had for her for a long time. Ryan and Bram fairly early come to the conclusion they are a threesome and fall comfortably into it. Lacey does not. I totally understood her fear of what people would think once they came out. Her family and friends mean a lot to her. At some point she blocks the guys out and decides it can’t go any further. What I had a problem with was the ending and I can’t go into that without giving away too much. I will say it ended very fast and I felt really that nothing was resolved.

Hopefully that doesn’t give too much away. There are some racey sex scenes including anal sex, double vaginal penetration, sex toys, some BDSM (but not totally BDSM), etc. It isn’t for the faint of heart.

The story is very well written. Just a few unbelievable moments. If those had been fixed, I would have loved this book a lot more. With that, I can’t say it was bad, just needed a few things fixed. Overall a fun books to read.

Review by Shari

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10 years ago

this looks naughty..thanks for sharing it 🙂