Review: The Riding Crop by Karyn Gerrard

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Review: The Riding Crop by Karyn Gerrard
The Riding Crop

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Genres: BDSM Romance, Historical Romance
Published by Evernight Publishing
Released on June 8, 2012
Format: eBook
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Lord Craven, as others call him, takes his pleasure where he wants and when he wants. Giving no thought to his partner’s needs, wants, desires or feelings. Open to trying almost anything, he has no boundaries to push. On one particular evening, he watches others as they have their trysts. A m/m couple being rough, a lord and his lady making love and finally Mistress Birch giving a judge three bloody crop hits. With Mistress Birch he sees something he wants and is willing to go out of his own way to make happen.

Mistress Birch is actually Olivia Durham. After being brutally raped and sodimized, her vicar father leaves her in London to find her own way, disowning her. Pan, the owner of the club, The Riding Crop, takes her in and gives her a way to earn money without have sex. Her deal, the client gets three strikes from her crop and they can determine if she bloodies them or not.

But Gideon wants more. He has never put himself in the position of submissive, so he strikes a deal with Olivia. Five strikes. No blood. But for every strike she has to reveal something about herself, or offer a kiss, some kind of repayment. As the two court each other through pain and pleasure, Gideon earns Olivia’s trust and shows her she can have pleasure where she only had pain.

The story is very short, but you get a picture of each character. Gideon is not a likable guy and will do anything for his own pleasure. Olivia is giving out pain as punishment for her rape. The two come together and in a very short period, learn to trust each other. I am not sure if Olivia became his mistress, wife or just a companion. The author doesn’t go into what happens after they leave the club. We can only hope that both characters got what they needed and desired.

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