Review: Till Death by Jennifer Armentrout

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Review: Till Death by Jennifer Armentrout
Till Death

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Genres: Romantic Suspense
Published by William Morrow Paperbacks
Released on February 28, 2017
Pages: 400
Format: eBook
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The Delight

Murders and a serial killer are not exactly delightful, but it can be if intertwined with a sweet second chance romance. A romance that is as sweet as it is spicy! Yes, I was so up for reading this one.


Sasha has been to hell and back and lived to tell the tale. Ten years previous she was the only survivor of a serial killer in a small town in Maryland. She may have survived, but her life is left in tatters. She left her boyfriend Cole, her mother and her home behind and moved away never to return until now. Returning home, she moves back in with her mother to help fun the family inn. Incidents start happening to her or around her almost immediately. A woman in another town is missing, Sasha’s car is vandalized the first night, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We are introduced to Sasha’s mother who loves her dearly, her best friends Miranda and Jason, and finally to her old boyfriend, Cole. Cole is an FBI agent and has never forgotten Sasha. He is, of course, pretty alpha male, but can be very sweet and loyal. He has a temper if Sasha is threatened and tries to make everything right in the world for Sasha. This is pretty hard to do with murders and incidents that all lead back to Sasha’s homecoming. Sasha is still fighting her demons ten years later with nightmares being her usual night’s entertainment. There are also plenty of other characters around to heighten one’s suspicions.

This story is pretty twisted, but then serial killers are twisted, aren’t they? I enjoyed the suspense even if I knew the whodunnit part early on. As a former obsessed serial killer/thriller book reader, it was just a bit easy for me. Still, I had fun running through all the options I had for the killer. And this killer is pretty much a monster, albeit a smart monster.

I really loved the romance. Sasha is still fairly broken ten years later, but Cole is totally on board with mending her and her life. It’s not erotica, but it’s pretty steamy in some parts. It was good to see the growth in Sasha as she finally lets her walls down and lets someone in.

It’s not easy writing a review about a murderer without spoilers so I am going to leave it at that. I do recommend this book to adult romantic suspense/serial killer book readers. It was an easy read, a well plotted and paced book and a standalone. For the most part, I have always liked this author’s books and if you haven’t tried her, you really should. Her Lux series remains one of my favorite all time series.




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I’m a lifetime book addict and currently own nine Kindles, with only six still working. I do tend to wear them out! They pretty much are my favorite technology-well that and my cell phone. Okay, yes and my laptop. I spent most of my life in Kentucky, but moved to Maryland in my attempt to get closer to the the ocean a few years ago. Being retired helps. I have a B.S. degree in law enforcement with a minor in sociology, but never really worked in my major. Instead, I spent my entire adult life working in the medical field in some capacity. After retiring(early), I found my passion in reviewing books for a couple of blogs and I love it. My author favorites include, Dannika Dark, Amber Lynn Natusch, J.T. Geissinger, Colleen Hoover, Samantha Towle, K.A. Tucker, Karina Halle, Sarina Bowen, J.R. Ward, Mariana Zapata, Dianne Duvall, and I could go on and on. I read many different genre’s, but still like a romantic element in most, if not all of them.

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Sophia Rose
3 years ago

Why have I waited so long to read this one? Thanks, Lorna! You have me excited to pick this one up sooner rather than later.

3 years ago
Reply to  Sophia Rose

I just saw that I hadn’t answered you. Sorry. I hope you get a chance to read this one!

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer

I really need to try one of her adult books and this sounds so good. You know I love serial killers, well at least I love reading about them.

3 years ago

Sorry I’m just now answering this. I think you would really enjoy this one Kimberly.

Naomi Hop
3 years ago

This sounds like a good read Lorna. It’s good to see that you enjoyed it even though you figured out some aspects early on. Great review!

3 years ago
Reply to  Naomi Hop

I did really enjoy it Naomi. Thanks!