Review: Touch of the Angel by Rosalie Lario

Posted January 8, 2014 by Sophia Rose in Reviews / 5 Comments

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I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: Touch of the Angel by Rosalie Lario
Touch of the Angel

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Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Entangled Select
Released on November 26, 2013
Pages: 352
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
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In this third installment of the Demons of Infernum series, we get Ronin’s story.  He is one of the four half-demon brothers who work as inter-dimensional regulators for the Council, an organization that represented and governed all the paranormals.  They had been called in and sent to earth to stop none other than their own father from his plot for world domination.  In the meantime, they had been left on earth to police anyone causing trouble in the human realm.

Unfortunately, work is slow so Ronin finds himself at loose ends.  Two of his brothers are in relationships.  In fact, Keegan’s getting ready to become a father.  He’s happy for them.  He really is, but a small part of him is lonely and envious too.  He chooses to go out to the bar with his younger brother, Dagan, for something to do.  It’s there he encounters the most beautiful and alluring female he has ever met.  Emphasis on the ‘luring’ since that is exactly what happens and she almost kills him when he discovers his beautiful female is a succubus demon.

Amara dutifully returns to her master and lets him siphon off the life energy she stole from that wonderful male that she accidentally killed because she was starving.  She had liked him.  There was something special about him, but she had drained the life right out of him.  Amara hated what she was and what she had to do to survive and she felt downright dirty because of the truly evil incubus she had enslaved herself to.  She had failed to seduce the right target and Asmodeus was angry.

Asmodeus was starting to get desperate.  The dark fey he was partnering with had changed his plans and now wanted the energy from all of Mammon’s half-demon sons because the boost they got from when Amara inadvertently killed the one.  This would suit their plans to build up the power necessary to become the biggest and baddest so the fey could take out the Council.  However, the brothers were avoiding the wiles of the succubus he sent after them and Amara ended up disappearing.  Maybe he could still use her though…

Ronin was just barely recovered from his near death experience with the succubus, but he was pleased by the distraction the Council offered when they were sent the job to first discover what Asmodeus was up to and then to apprehend him.  He got the shock of his life to discover that the female who drained him worked for Asmodeus.  He had been searching for her for months and now he had her.  He was definitely feeling vengeful, but what was that other thing he was feeling that drew him to her inspite of it all and made him want to protect her, be with her and save her?

Amara was thrilled that Ronin hadn’t died, but her happiness evaporates quickly when she discovers that she’s just part of a job for him and that his brothers are ready to kill her for what she did to him.  Why would Ronin want her for anything else?  She’d tried to kill him and he had to be disgusted by how she had to feed.  Only he’s not disgusted and he’s very interested in her still, but she knows that nothing can come of it because being with him would kill him, literally.

This story was of interest from the start.  I loved the idea of a demon-angel and a succubus together.  It’s the ultimate forbidden romance.  Being together can literally kill him and then there’s her past just littered with death because of all the people she was forced to take for Asmodeus.  For that dilemma alone the story was good, but add to it the danger for the brothers as they are both predator and prey in this situation and things got even more interesting.  The pace was pretty good and the plot was strong for certain.  I enjoy this world that the author created with all the various paranormals and other dimensions even.

The characters were well developed too.  Both Ronin and Amara were likeable.  He’s strong and she’s sweet considering what her life is.  I liked how Ronin was accepting of Amara and though he had every right to get some of his own back from her, he doesn’t.  They both work hard to protect their hearts, but what they feel for each other is too strong.  I thought the ‘love’ bit came on pretty quick, but I just went with it.  The passion was definitely there.  Succubus, hel-lo.  These two managed as best they could and had to be a bit creative with how they came together.

I loved all the interaction with all four brothers and the ladies in their lives.  They’re closeness both as family, the camaraderie they have together, and their teamwork in the fights is great.  They totally have each other’s back and work together using all their gifts and abilities.  I enjoy that late into the story surprise for Ronin and look forward to seeing where the new character addition will add to the story.  Dagan sure was interested.  It will be interesting to see where that open plot thread with the dark fey goes too.

All in all, I enjoyed this one and recommend the series to those who love paranormal romance with a lot of heat.

My thanks to Net Galley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review thoughts.

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Braine TS
8 years ago

I’ve always wanted to read a demon-angel book. I’ve been binge reading Lords of Deliverance and I can’t wait til I get to Reaver’s book. This series is on my wish list too, it sounds like something I will love.

Sophia Rose
8 years ago
Reply to  Braine TS

This one is fun. This book wasn’t as good as the ones before it though it wasn’t bad. My favorite was book two. The brothers all share the same demon dad, but have different mothers which makes them all different: dragon, sylph, angel, etc.
And see, I have to still read Larissa’s demon books which I hope to do this year some time.

Sharonda Lowman
8 years ago

dang…now I have to remember if I read this one. I swear your review got me all interested again. I got to go back & check my reviews…lols. Lawd, this brain of my is melting, I swear.

Anyways, loved the review Sophia.

Sophia Rose
8 years ago

My brain malfunctions that way too. It doesn’t help when books get cover changes like this series did.

Sharonda Lowman
8 years ago
Reply to  Sophia Rose

I many older books are getting cover changes now.