Review: Trey by Cat Johnson

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Review: Trey by Cat Johnson
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Series: Red Hot & Blue #1
Released on March 4, 2010
Pages: 103
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I had the honor of meeting Cat Johnson at Authors After Dark in New Orleans. This lady is a fireball! All I had read from her was her BB Dalton book which is free on Amazon. After hearing her talk, I knew I had to jump in and read her Red, Hot & Blue Series. This isn’t a terribly long book, but it packs a punch on action and sexy scenes.

Trey Williams is a military man through and through. Nothing matters more than completing a mission and saving lives. He doesn’t need a woman in his life, especially the bartender his friend Jack has his eye on. When a fellow soldier, Jimmy, is taken hostage, he will do anything necessary to bring him home. Especially since Jimmy is Jacks brother.

Carly McAfee has done her duty and served, but after bad romances with military men, she want’s nothing to do with them. So how does she end up owning and running a bar near one? Night after night she keeps a cold shoulder on tap for all the men looking to get in her  pants. While Jack flirts with her, he doesn’t know a thing about her, but Trey does and she notices.

But the plan to rescue Jimmy gets muddled up when they need a woman with military experience that fits a certain profile. And surprise! Carly fits the bill. Suspend your disbelief here because I just couldn’t see the military taking on a civilian for this deep of a rescue mission. Now posing as husband and wife, they have to put on a good show or lose Jimmy in the process. As a distraction, they have pull out all the stops including a exhibition of their love life. But once back stateside, all bets are off and the hurt each one has done to each other puts a great divide between them.

Wowsa! There were only two issues I had with this, but heck it’s fiction so let’s just gloss over them real fast. First she was a civilian on a military mission. Kind of silly. Then there is the fact that they have to have sex knowing that they are being watched by the bad guys. Unprotected sex at that, which they give her a morning after pill for. Everyone was watching. Seem a little embarrassing for a non-trained civilian? That was my thought. Now that is out of the way. Wowsa! The sex was haut! I mean it was sensual and caring. But in the end Trey brushes her off, which ticks me off.

So does it make me silly that I still enjoyed the book? I plan to buy all the other books and read them. I have a feeling these men will get yummier and yummier with each book…now I can’t wait to read Jack’s book…with all that southern charm!

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