Review: Verite’ by Rachel Blaufield

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Review: Verite’ by Rachel Blaufield

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Series: Love at Center Court #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance, Sports Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on Jun 12, 2015
Pages: 289
Format: eARC
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The Delight

A college sports romance sounded just the thing  for the I Dare You Fall Sports event.  It’s been a while since I picked one up and I had this one waiting on my Kindle.  I liked the idea of both main characters being athletes in their own sports, basketball and track, and that the heroine had a past to overcome.  I’m not one for heaping helpings of drama and this one did have that, but I found the author’s writing and the persistent love of the hero able to help push me past much of it.


Verite is narrated entirely by the heroine in first person so, in a sense, its her story.  It was probably good in a way because she has a lot of baggage to unpack by the end and the reader has to get the sense of what she was thinking and doing through all that.  It was bad enough knowing she was a mixed up, bitter, and hurting person through it which wouldn’t have endured anyone, but knowing how she came to be that way does earn her some points.

So, the story begins with a prologue of how Tingly (yes, I know, ignore the name if you can) gets herself quite a few labels for getting caught having sex with her French Prof at school.  She basically loses a year of school and nearly her track scholarship, but now she’s back for a re-do and getting in trouble with the male sex is off her list.

But right after she determines this, she encounters a new freshman from the basketball squad in her study hall who wants to be friends.  Tingly puts on her Raging B persona to flick him away, but Tiberius won’t go.  He was drawn to her when he saw her being kind and concerned to her roommate and doesn’t by her brush off.  He senses the loneliness and pain in her because he has his own.  Tiberius pushes past her walls each time she erects them, but she knows it is only a matter of time before her snobby over the top parents and her sordid past ruin things so she wants to break it off first.

As you might have surmised from earlier comments, Tingly brews up drama.  She had a tough break in her awful parents and knows that life back in LA was hollow and not for her, but she brings her issues with her and can’t seem to get past them.  Like most of us at that age, she’s plenty self-absorbed and takes repeated efforts and I do mean repeated- like the whole book- for Ty to get it through her thick skull that everyone has a past and everyone screws up, but to let it go and get on with things.  Tingly definitely enjoys her poor little rich girl wallowing and I honestly couldn’t figure out what Ty saw in her other than the one incident because she gave him little in return other than running away and throwing shade.  I felt like the running away was a cliche after a while.  I actually laughed when she took on that tone in the dialogue about ‘we’re adults…’ with Ty when he was the only one of the two acting like an adult.

Ty, oh my stars, that guy was something and worth the book.  But, he shines this bright because of Tingly forcing him to pursue so hard and be the level-headed one.  He grew up with his dad in jail, his mom poor and then dying before he came to school and he grew up on the tough streets of Jersey, but he didn’t let it be only and all that he was.  He had a good head on his shoulders and didn’t let himself think he was all that because he was good at his sport and would likely go pro.

Now, they are college age so they got busy quite a bit.  I liked that it wasn’t immediately nor was this remotely close to instalove.  Ty was the one that didn’t let Tingly push it into a mere sexual encounter or cheap affair so she could avoid her feelings.  He held them back until he was sure it meant something and he wouldn’t let her run or lie to herself or him about what was happening between them after the first time.  Sigh… he was so good.  Tingly was only good at self-loathing and sabotaging the good because she didn’t think she deserved better (made a martyr out of herself over this, in fact).

They got there in the end.  I can’t say I enjoyed this one so much as I wanted to see Tingly get her act together, stop being the victim of her past, and grow up to have something special with a great guy.  Plus, it was definitely fun seeing his career start out and how he handled early sports’ celebrity.  The story was more or less what I anticipated in a college sports romance and I was good with that.  I would recommend it to those who enjoy New Adult College Romances with a deal of angst and a sports element.

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Debbie Haupt
Debbie Haupt
2 years ago

I’m not usually into NA but I do like sports romances and this one hits all my musts. Thanks Sophia Rose

Sophia Rose
2 years ago
Reply to  Debbie Haupt

Yeah, NA is iffy for me, too, but to get a basketball romance, I went for it. Turned out to be pretty engaging.

Mary Kirkland
2 years ago

While Ty sounds like a great character she doesn’t sound all that appealing and her name made me snicker.

Sophia Rose
2 years ago
Reply to  Mary Kirkland

Yep, what is it with the odd names? She was definitely a drama llama. He balanced out this story for sure.

2 years ago

Haha, I am reading a series where the MC is named Tinsley Ditson. Her mother wanted to call her Tinsle, but someone convinced her to make it Tinsley. She goes by Ti if she can get away with it.

Sophia Rose
2 years ago
Reply to  Shari

Oh boy, that’s just as out there as Tingley. 🙂