Review: Wait For It by Molly O’Keefe

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Review: Wait For It by Molly O’Keefe
Wait For It

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Series: #4 Everything I Left Unsaid
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Love Swept
Released on February 28, 2017
Pages: 261
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
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From the first paragraph of this book, I was pulled in to the raw, complex situation of two lost and very broken souls who take the difficult road to healing and love.  But then… that’s been how it was for each story in this series.  Gripping, rough, and emotional, but oh-so worth it.

Wait For It was the fourth book in the Everything I Left Unsaid series.  It follows up tightly with the earlier books so doesn’t work well as a standalone.

Tiffany made an excruciating mistake back in college when she trusted in the charm of a guy.  She got pregnant and they married before she figured out that he was a controlling, abusive fiend.  Her family turned their backs on her when she married Phil and she had no one else.  Things went from bad to worth before she was able to break away with her three kids and start over.  Her kids are terrified of Phil and life is hard for them all, but he keeps crashing back into their lives and she just needs it to stop- the pain, the fear, and the desperation for even basic needs.  Going to one of her few friends, Annie, who had it rough and finally found her happiness, is a huge step.  Annie promised to help and Tiffany desperately needs help.

Unfortunately, in seeking out Annie, she encounters Phil’s ruthless brother who treated her like trash and bribed her to stay away from the family the last time they met.  Now, he offers to help and claims he thought she was as conniving as his brother.  Trusting him is out of the question and believing he’ll come through and he’s helping without an angle is impossible.  What is truly terrifying is the attraction and need to believe in him that is worst of all.

After a year, Blake gets one look at the trembling and terrified Tiffany and her kids and this glimpse tells him he screwed up when he drove her away with the money.  Her taking it hadn’t been proof that she was like his rotten brother; it was evidence that she was desperate to take care of her kids- his nephew and nieces.  Phil is terrorizing them and he has to fix it.  Blake has always been the one to clean up after Phil and take care of the family and he wants to do the same for Tiffany.  But he has to do it on his terms.  He won’t let any messy feelings or that unaccountable need he feels for Tiffany get in his way.  Strictly business.  Only Tiffany won’t let him put her neatly in a box and challenges everything he believes.

So, yes, this is not an easy or a light romance.  Not even the characters are all that easy or likeable.  They are flawed and their romance is raw and gritty.  The story has some exciting moments, but for the most part it is a steady and painful back and forth between two people who live in the dark and struggle to believe in the light.  They start out giving in to the magnetism of their attraction both being ugly about it even as they can’t seem to walk away.

Tiffany is an abused wife and abandoned by her own family.  She doesn’t even know how to trust and believe in good things anymore.  Blake is the brother of an abuser and son of a man who couldn’t connect with his own children so he has issues of his own.  They both have coping mechanisms that push people away and keep people at a distance.  Because of their issues, they see through the walls they have each put up and connect on a fundamental level.  This story is scorching hot and the pair have something that starts out ugly at first.  But it is the unwanted attraction they think to appease through sexual encounters that shows them what is really happening and makes them want to try for something more even as it terrifies them.

So, this last story in the series was just as engrossing and compelling as all the rest.  It gripped me and had me all twisted up in the feels for this pair.  I loved the peek-ins with the characters from the older books.  I would recommend this book/series for those who enjoy spicy hot, but never easy contemporary romances.

I rec’d this book free from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

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4 years ago

This sounds like a true emotional roller coaster. God, to have been married to a jerk, only to seek comfort in his brother, seems like too much for anyone to go through. Let alone have 3 kids in the mix. I’m glad you enjoyed this, Sophia!

Sophia Rose
4 years ago
Reply to  Lekeisha

Oh yeah, you nailed it about the emotional roller coaster, Lekeisha. This was a tough one and there is no way to even describe it all in a review.

AngieElle @ Ba_BAMB
4 years ago

This looks really good. This series, as a whole, has gotten a lot of good mentions. I love a raw and gritty story. Great review!

Sophia Rose
4 years ago

I think you would like the series, Angie. It’s so raw and really goes into the darker places with broken people. Hope you get the chance!

Anna@herding cats&burning soup

It really was such a series! I didn’t realize this was the last of them and rather bummed to hear that. Maybe they’ll do more some day *fingers crossed* I was really worried over this one and how it would turn out but it made me a believer in the end 🙂

Sophia Rose
4 years ago

Yeah, I wasn’t ready to see it finish, either. I’m hoping for the detective guy to get a story.