Review: Winging It by Sandra Sookoo

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Review: Winging It by Sandra Sookoo
Winging It

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Genres: Paranormal Romance
Released on July 20, 2011
Pages: 141
Format: eBook
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What would be your reaction if you were suddenly confronted with the possibilities that fairies really existed?  Like if one literally plowed you over while you were out in the neighborhood walking your pooch?

Devlin Addams a former Afghanistan war vet who is struggling with deep, dark depression and PTSD is suddenly faced with this very reality one night when he is out walking his Jack Russell terrier, Zeus.  Lia Farry (or her true unpronounceable fey name) comes barreling out of the woods and runs into him in nothing but her skivvies.

Dev tries to get her story out of her, but all she says is nonsense about coming through ‘the veil’, being chased by a huge fox, and that she is a fairy.  Dev thinks she’s crazy, but his protective instincts kick in when faced with her fear and naïveté.  He takes her home and cares for her against his better judgment.  It is comical when Dev introduces Lia to the human world and her response to it.  Her joie de vivre about experiencing new things and her outlook both attract Dev and frighten him because he has only known darkness for so long.  He does not believe he deserves happiness and is cranky and suspicious when Lia tries to make him her project during her visit to the human realm.

The story grew more interesting when circumstances forced Dev to believe Lia’s story, but I do not want to give away any of the good stuff so I’ll stop there with specifics.

The plot was simple in form with not much in the way of action though there were a few passionate scenes and tense moments.  It centered around Dev’s need to deal with his internal scars and his need to rejoin life again.  The plot also is driven by the fact that Dev and Lia are forming a relationship that has a time constraint on it since fairies cannot remain in the human realm indefinitely.

The world building for the fae world was interesting too.  These fae are not the noble sort, but are non-altruistic magical beings who look on humans as entertainment.

The main characters pretty much carry the story because most of the storyline is focused on them as they grow as individuals and in their relationship.  The story is told from both their perspectives and I enjoyed knowing what they thought about each other.  I love that Dev is a hurting, vulnerable military vet and that Lia is just as vulnerable feeling unwanted and unappreciated in her home realm.  I found that Dev’s impressions and reactions particularly those he did not voice out loud were so entertaining.

There are only a few other characters in the scenes and most of them are only briefly there.  I have to give special mention to Zeus, Dev’s dog.  He was truly the best in his sidekick role.

Finally, I wanted to point out that the story left me very conscious of the true sacrifices many in the military make as do their families and also the difficulties they have with transitioning back into civilian life.

All in all, this is a good read for those who like gentle story lines with some passionate heat in their romance reads.

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