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2019 Best Reads - ShariIt’s hard to believe 2019 is finally coming to an end. In my personal life, it can’t get over fast enough. In my reading life, I am happy to say there were a few stand out stories that I hope to re-read some day. So it’s out with 2019 best reads and onto 2020 with a hope of more!


Lies by Kylie ScottLies by Kylie Scott
Romantic Suspense

This standalone story threw me back to the days of the True Lies movie. An assassin genuinely falls for a normal girl and decides he will keep his nefarious life a secret while marrying her. He has it all planned out down to how many times they have sex and how many times he doesn’t fulfill her. Yep, he thinks that is being normal. But all Hell breaks lose when she decides to leave him just as his assissin comrades are dropping like flies. Now he must protect her, but she must also forgive him his lies. The story is told all from the heroine’s POV. I loved that he was so practical and schooled on how a man should be while she was ready for passion and adventure. She didn’t forgive him quickly, but made him work for it. I loved that about her. She may not have been perfect, but she respected herself enough not to put up with his shit. I would love for Kylie Scott to turn this into a series as there were other characters I met that I would be intrigued to learn more about. My one pet peeve…only one POV!


I Will Not Beg by Cherise Sinclair

I Will Not Beg by Cherise Sinclair
BDSM Romance

No one writes BDSM romances like Cherise Sinclair! A young woman, starved for love, surrenders herself to a sadistic master,  only to learn abuse and slavery. Beaten and starved she overhears another Dom say the contract she signed is illegal, giving her the courage to escape. Years later after therapy, starting her own company and learning she craves domination while also being scared of Dominants, she takes a chance on a man who helps her learn what BDSM really is about. The author takes this seriously, working through the triggers that hold the heroine back while allowing the hero to be the Dom he was meant to be. This is a moving story of a heroine beating the odds of abuse, owning who she is and what she wants while facing down fear head on. This can be read as a standalone, but past characters from books will show up.


Buckled by Pam GodwinBuckled by Pam GodwinBuckled by Pam Godwin
Romantic Suspense, Dark Romance, BDSM Romance

Buckled is the second book in the Trail of Sins series. And this really should not be read out of order or as a standalone. The story starts off Knotted and plots the course for the series. A tragic event happens in book one that is very disturbing, so I don’t totally recommend this series to everyone because it involves the rape of a young woman who is the heroine in book one. The first story left me in knots, but I had to find out what happened to probably the least haunted man of the group. Jarret watched his brother’s woman being raped when they were teens and then subsequently her brother being sent to jail for murder. His scars come from watching his best friend harden in prison, while also watching the woman he thinks of as a sister grow into a shell of a woman she was meant to be. Then there is his brother who does things he agrees with and doesn’t. But he will protect all their secrets from the nosy little reporter Maybe. Keep .your friends close and your enemies closer is exactly what Jarret does. Maybe I loved this one because it wasn’t as dark as the other two books, but I found myself still twisted in knots as these two went head to head.


Birth of a Baby Daddy by Piper Rayne

Birth of a Baby Daddy by Piper Rayne
Contemporary Romance, Baby Troupe

The Bailey’s is a series of stories about nine siblings in Alaska that captured my heart when I got the first book in the series free. In Birth of a Baby Daddy, the heroine shows up to annouce Denver has a daughter and she want’s his DNA after her daughter has issues with a hereditary condition. Only it wasn’t Denver, it was his twin brother Rome who did the deed in a one night stand. What ensues is a wonderful story of motherhood, fatherhood, and the reality that sexy times don’t end just because you have a kid. I loved how the family bands around both the heroine and the hero because they are family.  A sweet lighter side of romance.


Puppy Christmas by Lucy GilmorePuppy Christmas by Lucy Gilmore
Holiday Romance, Contemporary Romance

Puppy Christmas hit me from out of nowhere. I fell in love with two people I didn’t think I could love so much. The heroine has a revelation about herself with her ex basically tells her she is cold and boring. He isn’t a cruel guy, just he revealed flaws in her she did see or feel, but they seem to grow into the 50 foot monster she can’t seem to overcome. Throw in a dad with a daughter who is losing her hearing slowly. A service dog with training is donated to them, thus how they meet. He will do anything for his daughter, but the reality is that it is costly and he had to give up on some dreams to provide an income for the family drawing product instructions. He is self-deprecating as a way to keep his walls up, but he also has such a humorous side to him that endears him easily. He feels he is a screw up with no defining goals in his life. Now these two just fit each other bringing out their good qualities by letting the ones they are not so good, go into the background. This was a heartwarming story that has made me want to read a lot more from this author!

Well, that is about it on my ultimate favorites from 2019. There were a lot of stories I liked, but these five really touched my heart or pulled at an emotion that set them apart. Intriguing writing, humor, plot twists and surprises will keep me coming back to these authors in 2020!

What were some of your favorite books in 2019?

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Sophia Rose
2 years ago

I do remember how several of these really hit you. Fun when one really takes you by surprise and overwhelms the senses. Wishing you many wonderful reads in 2020, Shari!

2 years ago

I thought Puppy Christmas was fun and cute. I am really enjoying the series in general. I especially love all the dog training.

Carole Rae
2 years ago

Got some good ones here!