Slave to Pleasure by Eliza Gayle #Review #AfternoonDelight

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Slave to Pleasure by Eliza Gayle #Review #AfternoonDelight
Slave to Pleasure

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Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Gypsy Ink Books
Released on September 14, 2010
Pages: 109
Format: eBook
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Nissa has spent her life in hiding from her royal family for fear of her half human half fae blood. She hopes to be a hunter one day, but all of that is cut short when she goes into heat early and is sold as a sex slave to the highest bidders. Her magic is unstable but she invokes a portal to the human realm to escape, but her heat is driving her crazy and she needs a man or two to bring her relief.

Having run, her owners take chase with little success. Roane and Erik have been hunters together for a long time as well as occasional lovers. They are drawn to Nissa and want to retrieve her before another male gets her or even her evil cousin. With the help of a witch and Nissa’s mother, they track her down in the human realm and start living all their dreams of finding a fae woman who can complete them all.

Nissa agrees to a week of slavery to the men in exchange that if she is not in love, she gets her freedom, but these two have no plans of letting her go. They have sex over and over in so many ways that leave you wet and wanting more. Unfortunately the suspense to the story felt weak and rushed.  Somethings happen and then its over making you wonder why or even how. What’s up with Nissa’s mom helping them? I just didn’t get her motivation.

This was mostly a fun, hot read, but lost me at the suspense level of the story as I was confused at times of what was possible in this new world created. Overall, I enjoyed it for the sex and would curl up with another if this was a series…which it isn’t.

About Eliza Gayle

After growing up in the South and dividing my time between Florida and North Carolina, I decided that 2012 would be my year for change. I rented out my house on the East Coast and convinced my family to join me for a wacky trip across the country. Now I write my romance books from a small island in the Pacific Northwest while contemplating our next home renovation project on the fixer upper we bought.

When not writing, I’m likely to be found with my nose in a book or sitting in a darkened theater watching the latest blockbuster movie. Unless it’s not raining, then I guarantee I’ll be outside soaking up the sun or exploring one of the many nearby forests.

If you’d like to check out one or more of my books, I’d be tickled pink. I primarily write paranormal shifters and contemporary romance with BDSM elements. I dig reading and writing series, so you’ll also find I have several. It’s an addiction.

I love getting feedback so I look forward to any and all honest reviews as well as recommendations for good books. I am always on the hunt for a new favorite book.

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Sophia Rose
6 years ago

LOL! Sometimes you just have to go with it when its one of these hot, quick reads. It sure sounds hot with her in heat and two guys. 😉

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read
6 years ago
Reply to  Sophia Rose

It was hot and fun to read, but yeah, the paranormal world was a little weak.