Guest Author Mary Behre: My Debut Paranormal Romance, Spirited

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Hi Delighted Reader! My name is Mary Behre. My debut paranormal romance, SPIRITED, is book one of the Tidewater Series. Thank you for inviting me to post on your blog. I’m excited to be here to discuss a little bit about Jules and her relationship with the ghosts.

In SPIRITED, Jules Scott is a psychic with a crift (a cursed gift). She sees, hears, and speaks to ghosts. There’s just one issue, she hates her ability and would rather do just about anything than talk to another ghost.

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Problem is, she sees them everywhere she goes. On the street, in her flower shop, even in her bathroom…Jules isn’t safe anywhere when it comes to intrusive ghosts. Plus, Jules sees not only the image they project, she sometimes catches glimpses of their auras.

Auras are the distinctive intangible quality that surrounds a person. When Jules sees auras, she sees them as colors. Each color has a different meaning. Red is passion, on one end of the spectrum it’s love on the other end is hatred. A green aura can indicate protectiveness or envy. Yellow can be joy or cowardice. The thing about auras is that Jules has to figure out fast which aspect of the color the ghost is projecting. While ghosts cannot physically harm the living, they can certainly make life hellish.

Jules’s psychic abilities don’t stop there. She can and does receive visions from spirits. This is the part of her crift she hates most of all. The visions are more like nightmares and are usually of a ghost’s final moments before death. Jules experiences the vision through the victim’s eyes. She sees, hears, smells, and feels everything the victim did in those fleeting seconds before life ends. And like the victim, Jules is powerless to change what happened. She must die in the nightmare, exactly as the victim died.

Over the years, Jules has learned to fight the visions but the more she fights, the worse the consequences. Denying her own gift leaves her weak and vulnerable. Not a good thing for a woman who’s unknowingly put herself on the radar of thief determined to kill anyone who gets in his way.

Experience with previous specters has taught Jules to be wary of both the living and the dead finding out what she can do. Once, years before, she’d tried to help a specter but only ended up spending the night in jail for her efforts.

Is it any wonder that she hates her crift?

Jules believes her life would be so much easier if she were normal. So when the story opens, that’s what she’s doing, trying to lead a paranormal-free existence.

But a ghost puts her into the path of Detective Seth English and Jules’s life takes a turn that can only be described as SPIRITED.

Thank you again for hosting me today. Now it’s your turn, Delighted Reader fans. If you could talk to ghosts, would you embrace the ability or would be like Jules and go to extremes to deny your ability?

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Goddess Fish Promos
Goddess Fish Promos
8 years ago

Just had to pop in and say hello and congratulations to Mary from Judy (sssh… I’m supposed to be working!!! ). Got this book in the mail yesterday and can hardly wait to jump in it! I would like to think I would be all over having a gift like this.. truth is I’d probably be hiding under the bed or something!