Sweet Delight Review: Jane Fairweather by Anya Wylde

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Sweet Delight Review: Jane Fairweather by Anya Wylde
Jane Fairweather

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Series: Fairweather Sisters #4
Genres: Comedy Romance, Historical Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on July 23, 2021
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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The Delight

After being rushed along in the wake of the previous Fairweather Sisters and their madcap romantic adventures, I was tickled to spot another Fairweather coming of age and embarking on her own Regency era romantic romp.  I love this author’s zany tales of ladies figuring out their lives and loves so I snatch up each new release eagerly.


Jane Fairweather is the fourth in a series.  Each sister gets her story and I did find it worked best in order so the mentions of previous activities and the sisters made better sense.

Jane has come of age, but she has no desire to marry and go on to husband and family.  Her true love is her art (and her true fear is loss of independence and dying in the child bed).  She will go to any length to thwart her matchmaking mother’s efforts to pair her off so her mother gets drastic.  There might have been a plotted compromise, a kidnapping, a bit of blackmail, and a run for the border involved.  Jane can’t blame the duped, wealthy lord who is not stuck with her because he can’t stand the sight of her and wants nothing to do with her.  What had her mother and sisters been thinking?  With time, she grows content with her new husband’s relations and home and finds solace in her art while her husband makes himself scarce and goes about his life.  But, for some reason, this arrangement doesn’t suit the Fairweather sisters and they enter stage left once again…

I confess that that early business on the part of her mother and sisters didn’t set well with me even if this is a comedy.  They truly didn’t know the man they married Jane to and they left her alone with someone who thought she was part of the compromise ploy and forced marriage.  Then, weeks later, they belatedly start to get worried?  Too little; too late in my book.  But, it is a romance and a forced marriage plot that I delight in.  I enjoyed this one once the hinky beginning was past.  Jane has some deep-seated issues that made her fear relationships and marriage and she learns to get past them with the surprising man her husband turns out to be and his family just as Jane helps Savill through his private pain of a parent with a mental health issue which is probably our present day Alzheimer’s.

Jane is a loo loo and does the wackiest things to get her way around the stony Savill.  I loved that she is an artist and it was both an outlet for her, but also helped her really see herself better.  There was also her fun friendships and the fab scenes when all the sisters were together.  Savill was a stand up guy once he could get past the dirty trick Jane’s family played on him and come to appreciate her as a wife.  I loved seeing them build a relationship in their own nutty way.

All in all, it was a quick, light romp that got over the top comedy paired with regency romance that hit the spot.  Looking forward to the precocious Elizabeth the last of the Fairweather sisters to get her story.  So, this will be for those who can appreciate overt slapstick comedy paired with a light and sweet Regency romance.

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Anne - Books of My Heart

I probably wouldn’t like the quirky but the cover is lovely.

Sophia Rose
8 months ago

Oh yes, it does get pretty quirky. 😉 I agree. It is gorgeous!

Lover of Romance
8 months ago

Lovely review you have here Sophia. I am glad to see that this book worked for you and delivered on the light and sweet.

Sophia Rose
8 months ago

It sure did, Renee. These are laugh out loud funny, too.

Carole Rae
8 months ago

Jane sounds fun!

Sophia Rose
8 months ago
Reply to  Carole Rae

She was a hoot, Carole!

8 months ago

I think I like the time period of some historical romances, but probably in real life it would suck for a woman! Being forced into marriage, basically having no rights, hardly any way to make your own money would put us at the mercy of men. Yeah, I wouldn’t be too happy with the mother and sisters here, but it does sound like a fun read. I do like the forced marriage troupe in fiction. 🙂

Sophia Rose
8 months ago
Reply to  Rachel

I totally agree. So happy to be born in contemporary times. But, yes, fun to read a forced marriage trope in fiction. Her mom and sisters really pushed it there in the beginning, but the rest of the story was fun.

7 months ago

I like sound of this cute and quirky one.

Sophia Rose
7 months ago
Reply to  vvb

It really was, Velvet. I get a kick out of her Regency romcoms.