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25The Great Pick Up Line featuring
The Alchemist’s Kiss by AR DeClerck

“If we are parted in this life, Cora, know that I will always wait for you in the other side.”

“But what if you go to Hell? As terrible as you are, it’s a strong possibility. Should I strive for evil, so that I may join you there?”

He caged me in his arms. “Arg! You test my patience with your humor. Should I make you pay for your jest by making you scream my name?”

The idea was most appealing. “Yes, please.”

The Alchemist's Kiss by AR DeClerck
The Alchemist’s Kiss
by AR DeClerck

Alchemist Icarus Kane has only ever wanted peace and solitude, neither of which his protege, Cora Mae Jenkins, is inclined to give. She knows Icarus has a heart under all his guff, and she wants it for her own. When a dark mage threatens London Cora will have to take what she wants before it’s too late.

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Sophia Rose
5 years ago

Haha! She is a bit of a minx. I love the blend of magic and historical in the romance.

5 years ago

she sounds fun

5 years ago

Nice quote! I like the sound of the alchemist, afterlife and romance hints in this one. And I like the cover for with those circles in the background and the strong hint of romance with how the couple is positioned.

Braine TS
5 years ago

That’s why geeks rock, they know their shit! Say my name baby!!

5 years ago

I love the quote. These too sound fun together.