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11The Great Pick Up Line featuring
Dark Runner by Cathryn Cade

Tal Darkrunner is a Sci Fi romance bad boy hero

“Like I said, Snake Eyes. I’m the monster in the dark,” Tal drawled.

Everything in Scala rose instantly to his challenge, hot and eager. She’d like to tangle with him in the dark, nothing but touch, scent and taste to guide her as she explored the limits of what he could do with that mouth and those beringed hands.

To hide the impulse, she cocked her head and looked him over as slowly and thoroughly as he’d done to her. She knew better than most that monsters resided in the skins of ordinary beings. It seemed this one liked to warn his victims—the better to enjoy their fear. The hells with that—she wasn’t some little virgin to cower before him.

“Well, keep in mind, snakes aren’t afraid of the dark.”

His smirk widened, showing teeth a startling white against his olive skin and ebony ink. His gaze slid down to her breasts. She could feel her nipples tighten into telltale knots under that caressing gaze. “They should be, when they’re as tasty as you.”

Heat rippled through her, mingling with the chill of fear in a cocktail that was shockingly enticing. Hells, she was twisted. She wanted him even more because she was afraid of him, not in spite of it.

Dark Runner
by Cathryn Cade

Dark Runner by Cathryn CadeTal Darkrunner is not just a tattooed bad boy, he’s the leader of a dangerous gang. Serpentian warrior Scala Raj knows this—so why can’t she stay away from him? She’s supposed to be spying on him to gain back her freedom, not falling for him.

Tal fought his way to the top in the vicious streets of New Seattle, Earth II. Now he rules his gritty kingdom, his skin marked with a piece of inked body art for every victory won through his courage, cunning and absolute refusal to back down—ever.

Only one thing could send him hurtling into deep space—a mission to find and destroy the slavers who tried to take the one woman he wanted. He trusts no one, including Scala, the defiant beauty with a lethal body who joins his small crew.

That won’t stop him from enjoying the pleasures of her body. But no matter how fiery the passion that arcs between them, he’ll never risk his heart.

Unless she slips under his guard and steals it.

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Christy LoveOfBooks
4 years ago

Snake Eyes … makes me think of G.I. Joe. This sounds good though.

Cathryn Cade
Cathryn Cade
4 years ago

LOL, bit different kind of warriors here … rogue.

Sophia Rose
4 years ago

I enjoyed the tension in that meet up. Whew! Look forward to getting the rest of this one. Sci-fi Romance is a favorite though I don’t read it often.

Cathryn Cade
Cathryn Cade
4 years ago
Reply to  Sophia Rose

Sophia, thanks! These two were so fun to write – the tension does not let up between them, as they keep figuring out ways to screw it up … so to speak.

Braine TS
4 years ago

And by snake he means that one-eyed one? Lol

Cathryn Cade
Cathryn Cade
4 years ago
Reply to  Braine TS

Yes, indeedy! LOL

Lover Of Romance
4 years ago

oh love the bantering!!!! Love a good bad boy. I so need to pick this one up, I love some great smexy sci fi romance.