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The Great Pick Up Line featuring
Wanting Forever by Diana Gardin


Sam stopped him with one look. He towered over Brett, really. And Brett didn’t know that Sam wasn’t a violent guy. Brett’s face changed, and he stepped away from Aston. “I’m going to go sit down, Aston. Catch up with you later.”

Sam didn’t give him a second look as his eyes locked with hers. “Dance with me. Your partner left the floor.”

Aston shook her head, her lips parting to speak. But she closed her mouth quickly when Sam’s hands pressed into her hips, moving them along to the beat of the music the band was playing. His hands slipped just beneath her top, and settled onto her hot, bare skin. He sighed, remembering how all the softness of that skin felt underneath his hands the night of her pool accident.

“I’m…surprised you did that,” she said, meeting his gaze with her steady one.

“Tell me how surprised you are later. Right now I just want to feel you against me,” he whispered into her ear.


Wanting-Forever-CoverWanting Forever by Diana Gardin

A sexy novel of betrayal, desire and the price that one pays for decisions of the heart.

Sam Waters has always wanted something better than his life in lowly little Duck Creek. But how could he leave Ever, the girl he’s protected from an abusive father since they were little? She needs him. Until one explosive night changes everything. And suddenly Sam is on the run, a wanted man.

He lands in Nelson Island, South Carolina–gorgeous, sunny and home of Aston Hopewell, heiress to her father’s international conglomerate. Aston has never met anyone like the hot ranch hand. Sam is so driven, so intense. And he gets her like no one else ever has. But even he won’t tell her everything. . .

Sam has sacrificed everything, and his only reward: betrayal from his brother and Ever back at home. Now he stands at a crossroads with one chance to get it right with the sexiest woman he’s ever met…if it’s not already too late.

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Red Iza
6 years ago

Mmmm, sexy ^^

Diana Gardin
Diana Gardin
6 years ago
Reply to  Red Iza

That’s why our nickname for him is Sexy Sam 😉

Brittany Strickland
Brittany Strickland
6 years ago

I love to dance so any man who offers to dance with me is gonna get a plus in my book.

Diana Gardin
Diana Gardin
6 years ago

Me too Brittany! 🙂

Sophia Rose
6 years ago

This sounds like my kind of story.

Diana Gardin
Diana Gardin
6 years ago
Reply to  Sophia Rose

🙂 🙂

Mary Kirkland
6 years ago

I’ve never been one to dance but I do reading or watching other do it. That was a great pick up line.

Sophia Rose
6 years ago
Reply to  Mary Kirkland

I have two left feet, Mary, but like you, I’m happy to watch others or read about it.

6 years ago

I love swaying to the music with my man..this sounds good, and intense.

Sophia Rose
6 years ago

Ah, what a sweet thought.