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23The Great Pick Up Line featuring
E For England by Elisabeth Rose

Inside Apartment 1 Hugh paused at the kitchen bench, bottle of wine in one hand, two glasses in the other. Something was rummaging around in the bushes outside the window.

‘What’s going on out there?’ He gestured to the darkened garden. Branches rustled and shook violently but there wasn’t enough wind to cause such a stir.

James came to stand beside him, leaning forward to stare through their reflections. He opened the window. Cool night air swirled in, the rustling suddenly louder.

‘Is it a possum?’

‘Could be a cat,’ Hugh said.

‘Maybe it’s a burglar.’

‘Not a very good one if he’s trying to climb the oleanders.’ Hugh put down the wine and glasses. ‘It’s stopped. I wonder if it knows oleanders are poisonous.’

‘We might have frightened it away.’

‘You haven’t,’ yelled a female voice. ‘It’s me.’

‘Who’s me?’ James looked at Hugh with eyebrows raised and a smile beginning.


‘Hello, Annie.’ Hugh leaned over the bench and peered into the darkness. ‘What on earth are you doing?’

‘Trying to get my undies out of the bushes.’

‘Right.’ James let fly a cackle of laughter.

‘They blew off my balcony upstairs.’ Something cracked and the oleanders shuddered. ‘Bugger! Ouch.’

‘Hang on, I’ll get a broom and a torch.’ Hugh headed for the laundry. Females in the shrubbery retrieving their undies? What on earth went on upstairs? Sounded as though whatever it was might be fun. Well worth a rescue effort.

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E for England by Elisabeth RoseE For England
by Elisabeth Rose

Annie, deserted single mother of two, befriends handsome neighbour Hugh, an English doctor. Neither wants a relationship—Annie is off men for the time being and Hugh is off children permanently. Both agree friends is the way to go but Annie’s resolve is shaken when her flatmate, sexy and voracious Leonie, meets Hugh. Leonie sees an opportunity to fill the blank space E on her Men From A-Z chart—a listing of one night stands by nationality and sexual ability.

Can Annie stand by and allow this to happen? Friend he may be but Hugh is fantasy material. Will he succumb to Leonie’s charms and become E For England? The situation spins into a whole new orbit when Annie’s husband reappears.

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Christy LoveOfBooks
6 years ago

Hahaha! This sounds entertaining.

Sophia Rose
6 years ago

Oh boy! This was a fun meet-up. I would love to see where this story goes.

Elisabeth Rose
Elisabeth Rose
6 years ago

Believe or not this happened to my daughter, cat/possum conversation included. How could I resist using that? 🙂 Unfortunately her rescuers were a married couple.

Lover Of Romance
6 years ago

haha oh my gosh….I couldn’t stop laughing with this one. Simply fantastic.

Brittany Strickland
6 years ago

Haha this is so intriguing! I would be so embarassed