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Welcome to The Book Report where we run down everything that happened in the month and update you on challenges, giveaways, reviews and more!

Shari’s Update

Well last month I told you about my mom and how my time was not what I had hoped for the year so far. Shortly after that, my husband’s job was eliminated and he was on the hunt for a new one. I will be vague on all of this due to some issues we have with social media, but the good news is he found a new job. Unfortunately in the mean time, I had lots of sleepless nights, not eating, worried till I was sick and many other things.

So with a big Hell Yeah, I am leaving the first quarter of 2019 behind and hoping for the best for the rest of the year.

Can I actually write a book?

Did you know I have always wanted to be an author? That’s originally why I started this blog as a way to get me writing more. My life never seemed conductive for me to sit for hours to write something and I can be a scatterbrain at times. When my husband lost his job I sat down and really thought about what I wanted to do for the next 20-25 years until retirement. I am a travel agent and while I love it, I don’t have the customer base yet to make it big. And really it is very little money for the time you put into it, so I am evaluating if I want to continue after 2019. Second, I went back to why I started the blog and decided I wanted to write a book. Yep, it was time I stopped dreaming of it and made good on my dreams. I signed up for a course that started yesterday and I am off to see if I am any good at this writing gig.

Now this doesn’t mean the blog will stop. Nope, I love blogging and reviewing and that will not go away. So don’t expect things to slow down here, I just need to plan my time more efficiently.

Review Notebook

Oh, and if you follow our page on FB you might have seen I lost my review notebook. With everything going on I started a review notebook to write down my thoughts so I could write the reviews later. I lost it. I mean I searched everywhere and was in tears to have lost it. So I bought another notebook and recreated each and every review I wrote. Guess what….I found the original about 3 weeks later. *smacks head against table* Guess I will keep it around as overflow when use up all the space in the other one.

With that said, here’s what I read, wrote or considered this month!

My Reading Breakdown: 12 books read, 1 NetGalleys (95%), 9 Kindle Unlimited, 1 audiobooks, 1 purchased books, 2 reviews written (published), 9 reviews written (publishing in April).


The Series That Never Ends: 2/5 – 40%
Bad Boys of Romance: 5/30 – 17%
Literary Pickers: 6/55 – 11%
Books ‘N Tunes: 6/35 – 17%
Audiobook Challenge: 2/5 – 40%
New Release Challenge: 3/20 – 15%
Try Something New: 4/50 – 8%
Blogger Shame: 0/15 – 0%
Review Writing: 9/75 – 12%
Reading Challenge: 26/150 – 17%

I know I am behind on most of my challenges. Hopefully the April reviews I wrote will help some of these numbers and I have more reviews to write.

I Dare You Event

We had so much fun in January with the I Dare You Event! Our next I Dare You will be in June and it is Lorna’s choice of genre. We are in the planning phase but be on the look out next month of when it will happen and what genre we are going to dare you!

Bookworm Box

Back a few months ago I started a new subscription box that I hoped to record unveiling what I got. At the time I was getting two boxes because I couldn’t decide if I wanted two book or one book with more goodies. I had planned to unveil them a few months and get your opionion. Life happened unfortunately and now I have to make a decision. Soon I hope to get those videos made as I kept the boxes mostly hidden from myself. I know what books I got, but not necessarily what goodies I got. This was because I wanted to be surprised, but also I just never had time to really look into the boxes. In the next week or so I will be videoing me opening them for all to see! Be on the look out.

New Reviewer on Delighted Reader!

I want to introduce Angie to everyone. If you noticed she crept in and posted two reviews! She has her own blog she runs, but also is helping us out with a review or two a month. Hopefully I will get her bio up soon so everyone can say hi! Welcome Angie!

Tell us about your March!

That’s about it! Whosh! What was your March like? Take it away Sophia!

Sophia Rose’s Update

Happy Spring-ish!

March was a little all over the place weather-wise around here and mostly the non-outdoorsy kind of weather.  I spent rainy and icy days working with my seed planning and seedling trays to get the veggie and herbs along with a few flowers started for that magic planting day in Michigan which is Mother’s Day.  My television consumption has been entirely sports- okay a couple old Agatha Christie movies on Prime- because my darling suckered me into watching March Madness Men’s College Basketball since two Michigan universities made it to the Sweet Sixteen finals and I’ve been watching my baseball team, SF Giants in their preseason games.

Beyond that, its been a quiet month and I’ll take it.  

At the beginning of March, the COYER Challenge wrapped up and I was tickled to have done great on my goals.  I wanted to participate in several of the readathons, keep social in the Facebook group, and read/review 60 books in the 3-month period.  I hit 82 books. Now, I understand the summer challenge will have a Pirate theme… can’t wait!

For April, as part of the #Romanceopoly challenge, I’m participating in a #Romanceopolyathon Sprint from April 8-14th.  I have to read books that both qualify for the specific spaces on the game board and match with seven reading prompts (the prompts can be used for more than one book and I can skip to any open spot on the board instead of having to roll the dice).  Along with the reading sprint, there is a daily Instagram photo challenge to match the seven book prompts. My goal is to read two books that will match up with five of the prompts and two spaces. If I have time and my turn on the library waiting list arrives another square and the last two prompts.  ☺

March Reading Total: 38 books

Reading Breakdown:  7 Netgalley (98%), 13 author/publisher requests, 4 library, 1 Prime, 13 TBR, 18 audio, 14 new to me authors, 13 new series, 1 series finale

Reading Standouts:

  • Salvatore by Cecy Robson, CR, deep feels in mafia romance
  • Logan’s Lady by Rosanne Bittner, HR, delicious western frontier flavor
  • Far From Home by Lorelie Brown, F/F CR, well handled subject matter
  • Repeat by Kylie Scott, CR, amnesia romance done right

Reading Challenge Updates:

  • Herding Cats Burning Soup’s Blog All About It: 5/12 topics
  • Austenesque Lovers: 16/50 books
  • My Reader’s Block’s Mt TBR:  33/100 books
  • Unconventional Bookworm’s New Release:  40/200 books
  • Delighted Reader’s The Series That Never Ends: 3/11 books
  • Because Reading’s A Year in Anthologies: 2/3 books
  • Delighted Reader’s Books N Tunes: 18/50 books
  • Angela’s Guilty Pleasures’ Library Love: 10/23 books
  • Delighted Reader’s Literary Picker: 78/100 books
  • Under the Covers’ and Peace Love Books’ Romance-opoly: 17/39 books
  • Because Reading’s Reading Assignment Spring: 9/15 books
  • Caffeinated Reviewer and Hot Listen’s Audio: 39/100 books
  • Addicted to Romance’s Oldie But a Goodie: 8/10 books

How was your March?  Did it Roar in like a Lion and go out like a Lamb?  A bit of both? Do Tell!

This Month’s Reviews

Did you miss a review? No fear! Here’s what we wrote about.

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Shari is the Delighted Reader. Married to her Prince Charming and mother to two Princesses and one Prince. When she is not slaving away as Cinderella she loves to get lost in the pages of a good book. Never without a reading device and a few good paperback books, because she never knows when she might get 5 minutes to read!

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1 year ago

Shari: I’m glad to hear your husband found a new job. I hope he enjoys it! I really want to publish a book too, so I need to definitely focus on writing more often. It will probably mean less blogging, but I don’t think I’ll stop blogging anytime soon because I DO love it.

Sophia Rose: Glad you had a nice March. Great job on your COYER challenge, and I hope your April challenges go well. 🙂


Sophia Rose
1 year ago

Thank you, Lauren! You have a great April!

JoLee @ Wickedly Delicious Book Blog

Shari: Happy your hubby got another job. I think that is amazing you are going to write.

Sophia Rose: Our MI weather has been crazy this year. Did you all wake up to a little bit of snow on the ground and a cold Sunday Morning. What the heck.

Sophia Rose
1 year ago

Two inches of snow and its still out there. Ugh. 😉 The weather gal predicts one sunny day this week. Come on, April!

1 year ago

Even though I love to read so much, I have never had any desire to write a book so I really admire anyone who actually sits down and tries to do it. It’s so important to follow your dreams. Best wishes on the writing. Now that your hubs has a job, hopefully that will clear up some of the mental stress and make room for the ideas to flow.

Carole @ Carole's Random Life in Books

Shari, my husband lost his job last week so I can completely relate to the stress and sleepless nights. I am so glad that your husband found a job so quickly. Good luck with writing!

Sophia Rose, I am always amazed by how much you seem to accomplish every month. Glad you did so well with your challenges.

I hope you have a great April!

Sophia Rose
1 year ago

Thanks, Carole. This month went by in a blur. You have my thoughts and prayers as your hubby goes back into job hunt mode and tries to get through the emotions of all this.

Angela (Angel's Guilty Pleasures)

Shari – I’m glad you hubby found a new job. It’s always scary when you have the unknown. We went through a job thing a few years back and I was concerned, but things worked out and he loves where he’s at now. Awesome to see a new reviewer on the blog. It’s nice to get help. As for your review notebook…. Well I’ve had that happened too. I lose something, look all over for it, end up buying again, and then low and behold it pops back up. ^_^ Oh, the I Dare You Event sounds cool. I’ll keep… Read more »

Sophia Rose
1 year ago

Northern Indiana shares the weather here, for sure. I figured out that if I grew seedlings in those trays right inside the dining room window that they would be big enough to plant outside by the time frost scares were gone. 🙂
Those challenges are addicting to me, but I’m always careful to pick ones that coincide with helping me with my TBR, my reviews, and my reading moods. 🙂
Hope you get to do I Dare You with us because that is very fun stuff.

Have a good April, Angela!

Angela (Angel's Guilty Pleasures)
Reply to  Sophia Rose

I might try the I Dare You. I’m trying out the April Book Bingo hosted by Have a great April!!

Angela (Angel's Guilty Pleasures)
Reply to  Shari

I miss place things all the time and we’ve moved a lot, so I’m still finding things that I thought where gone or I forgot I had. ^_^ Hope the new job is working out. Have a great April!!

Lover Of Romance
1 year ago

it looks like you had a great month here!! Glad to see Angie reviewing on your site 🙂

I am currently reading Logan’s Lady and enjoying it quite a bit. Hope your month in April is a good one. And the Romanceopoly reading challenge is so fun!

Sophia Rose
1 year ago

Look forward to seeing your thoughts on Logan’s Lady. Yes, I love this challenge. I know Fran put a lot of work into it so it will be around for a while, too. 🙂

Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

Wow, you beth had a lot going on in March! Shari, I’m glad your husband was able to get another job! I like the book review notebook idea! I usually type my notes in my phone. I’ve been sick too. It’s been miserable! Sophia, that’s cool that your gardening. Glad you got a quiet month! Good job on all of the book challenges. I want to sign-up for some 🙂

Sophia Rose
1 year ago

Yes, the gardening is a big deal. I love the flavor of homegrown, plus it is nice to save money on the grocery bill.
You might want to try the COYER (Clean Off Your E-Reader) when it begins in June. Its fun and there are opportunities to work on old books, but the summer rules allow for new ones, too.

herding cats
1 year ago

Good luck with your endeavors, Shari! Oo on the plantings, Sophia. Hope you have fun with it. It’s always exciting this time of year and all the garden potentials 🙂

Sophia Rose
1 year ago
Reply to  herding cats

Thanks, Anna!
I hope they grow fast and I can get them in the ground without losing many. I am craving the fresh already. 🙂