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It’s that time again of the month where purple boxes are shipped out to romance readers across the country and we start stalking the mailbox! Here is the two romance book box reveal. Without further ado…here is The Bookworm Box July Two Romance Book Box Reveal (Mouthful isn’t it!)

Please note I had a lot of difficulties this time with kids and dogs wanting part of the action. I recorded the entire video once…or so I thought only to find out I recorded what happened afterwards instead. Hopefully this all works!

After paying $29.99 for a one book box and then $39.99 for a two book box each month, I have decided I need to downsize my order. This actually was getting to be an issue because I was getting two copies of one book. Then I couldn’t claim two e-book copies of the same book. Plus there is a shipping charge to each box. When all was said and done I was paying close to $85.00. After 10 months of getting two boxes, I am not going down to the one book box. I like the swag we usually get in the one book box that doesn’t get included with the two book box. This will save me over $45 a month.

On that note, I recently took a survey and a couple months before than a different survey about different book boxes they were thinking of ordering. I don’t know if they plan to change a few things, but if they do, I might be changing my subscription to a different one. This is all speculative so for now, we will be only doing one video box reveal.

The Bookworm Two Romance Book Box

Here are a few links on where you can get a few of these items or subscribe to The Bookworm Box,

Past Videos:

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2 years ago

I think it’s a brilliant idea to have book boxes every month for readers. Te fun of seeing what’s coming just seems fantastic. Hugs, RO

2 years ago

Oh nice! many things!

Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books

I’ve never subscribed to a book box. I don’t know of many that ship to the UK and if they did I bet shipping would make it not viable. 🙁

I’d quite like to read Letters to Molly and I hope you enjoy it!