The Elf King’s Lady by Bernadette Rowley #Review

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The Elf King’s Lady by Bernadette Rowley #Review
The Elf King’s Lady


Series: #2 Wildecoast Saga
Genres: Fantasy Romance
Published by Momentum
Released on November 26, 2015
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
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DNF- 36%

Oh dear, I really wanted to like this one.  I haven’t read a fantasy romance in a long time.

First of all, and I will take the hit for this, I didn’t realize this was part of a series or at least a group of books sharing the same world since it wasn’t marked as such on the page I found.  Later, I found a separate page on GR and at Amazon that indeed it is part of a series.  Immediately, I felt dropped into an ongoing story.  So when I investigated, I discovered that indeed, this is one of several books connected together by the same world.  Once, I established this fact, I decided to keep reading.  And though I stopped a third of the way along, I think it would be okay as a standalone or out of order though it hints strongly back to other characters and stories.

But, the heroine was the other thing that stuck in my craw.  From the first moment and all the way through to the point I stopped, she annoyed the heck out of me.  Spoiled, self-absorbed, petulant, temperamental, and so on.  She does likeable things and isn’t all bad, but for the most part there was little for me to like.  She uses her rank to bully her way into a situation that she can’t possibly contribute to or be of help which lands the hero in a tight spot trying to protect her and others.  The first words out of her mouth most of the time are antagonistic or woefully naive (aka stupid) because she is generally taking a temper or getting riled.  The hero is put between a rock and a hard place and she makes it worse.  She is described as this fiery, strong, courageous type, but, as can happen, my observations of her words and actions didn’t see her that way.

There was a final straw for me.  The hero is going through a horrible crisis and she comes onto him.  He tries to reasonably get her to realize that her proposition is bad timing, she’s using him as a distraction, and she has no plans on a future with him b/c she is highborn and he is not.  He tells her ‘no’ more than once and even has to gently hold her back.  She continues to push and seduce with not a care for the fact that he is a captured general with the weight of the whole kingdom on his shoulders, he is trying to keep her alive and find a way to get her free, he is being pressured that he will cooperate with the enemy with only a swift death his future, not to mention he is trying to come to terms with the possibility that he is not who he thought he was and that his real parent is someone else and dead.  But does this matter to Little Miss Scratch My Itch?  Nope.  She has needs.

And that was it.  Done.  Just because he’s male doesn’t make it alright for her to ignore his clear and definite refusal and for her to take advantage of him in a hard, weak moment makes me boil.

Would have liked to know what happened in the war between humans and elves and how Kain dealt with his mixed heritage, but that stunt on the part of the heroine after a long line of annoyances ruined it.

So, I’m not going to tell people to avoid the book because it’s very possible that things I find annoying won’t bother someone else and I think it might be a good fantasy romance.  I’m bummed that it won’t be for me.

I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

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6 years ago

I kind of want to smack her over the head now..or face whatever 😉

Sophia Rose
6 years ago
Reply to  Blodeuedd

I felt pretty violent about her, myself when I read that scene.

Braine TS
6 years ago


Sophia Rose
6 years ago
Reply to  Braine TS

Sorry, to freak you out. LOL. Yes, on occasion, I just…can’t. Some I DNF for now, but this one is a permanent DNF.

6 years ago

Seriously? She keeps going after he repeatedly says no? In what world is that okay? I don’t care if it’s fiction, no means no. I don’t even like her, and I haven’t even read this. Thanks for the warning.