Wolf, en Garde by A.F. Henley #Review

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I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Wolf, en Garde by A.F. Henley #Review
Wolf, en Garde

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Series: #2 Wolf
Genres: M/M Romance, Paranormal Romance
Published by Less Than Three Press
Released on May 15, 2016
Pages: 254
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
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This is a follow up story that I didn’t want to miss.  The previous story had two strong alpha werewolves vying for the same suitor.  It was more complicated because they were father and son.  Vaughn won Randy’s affections which left Lyle out in the cold.  Lyle was young and had a rawness to him.  I was interested to see what would come next for the one who was rejected and how it would be having to see Randy with his dad.

As one can tell, this is a book that follows another continuing the story thread began earlier so doesn’t make for a good standalone or out of order.

It is three years after the events of Wolf, WY and Lyle is back with his family after a time of ‘rehabilitation’ with the Committee that oversees paranormal affairs and keeps his kind from being noticed by the humans.  Losing Randy to his own father and being angry and feeling betrayed, Lyle did what he had to do to convince the Committee that their indoctrination and teachings took with him even though he was barely giving them lip service because he didn’t want to be put down.

Lyle is no longer a teen, but the emotions and motives that drove him to pursue a man who didn’t want him and chose Lyle’s father are still there.  Now the family is off for a vacation back east to visit with Randy’s family.  Randy’s mother is a tough as nails and hard woman judge who is disappointed in her own son and his dad is an easy going man who is the peacemaker.    Lyle is stuck watching his father, Vaughn and Randy together and he wants some time away from it all.

Randy’s pushy strong-willed mother gives Lyle the opportunity even as Randy’s canny father Henry seems to see right through to Lyle’s secrets.

Lyle manipulates Vaughn to give him some independence and space once they are in DC and it is then that he encounters the vampire, Arius.

Arius tempts Lyle and convinces him to get around his dad and stick around DC on his own so Arius can show him the freedom of not living under his dad’s or the Committee’s rules.  Randy’s mom has her own motives, but she, too, supports Lyle in detaching from his family and sticking around.  Vaughn taught Lyle that vampires are evil and have their own agenda, but Lyle is enamored with Arius and hides the connection while loving the idea of being his own man and living without stifling rules.

But then Lyle’s eyes are opened when he gets a real look at what Arius is up to.  Lyle is in deep trouble and the only one he can turn to for help is his father.  Only, will Vaughn believe him and support him after all Lyle put his dad through?  And then there is that other surprise in the man Lyle rescued who attracts Lyle’s wolf’s attention.  Does he have it in him to step up and be the hero?

Alright, so this one picked matters up with Lyle as a twenty-one year old who has the arrogance and strength without the wisdom.  He discounts his dad and he is jealous of what his dad has with Randy.  So the story is a coming of age piece as Lyle has to learn the hard way.  He was a jerk when the story started, but his humbling moment came.  I enjoyed seeing it happen and that Lyle responded to his mistakes in a good way.

There is intrigue in this one that had me eager to find out what was going on.  Lyle has insight, but he doesn’t trust it so he sees the hints, but doesn’t put it all together until it’s almost too late.  I loved this added element that wasn’t present in the first story.

Also, there are some really good villains in this one.  They are shades of gray sorts.  I liked that their motives and feelings were handled as well as the main players.

This is Lyle’s story and he has the narration of it, but it is two-pronged.  It is his connection and restoration to his family that takes the forefront, but there is also a romance for him when he is in a good place in his life to appreciate and experience it.  I will say that the romance is under-developed somewhat as is Lyle’s romance partner, but not so much that I didn’t like it or couldn’t get vested in them.

The story had a grand finish that was action-packed and edgy.  I enjoyed the rock and hard place situation that Lyle was in.  One story thread was left dangling so I have hopes that there is more to come with this series.

All in all, this follow up sequel was strong and satisfying.  I was intrigued by Lyle in book one and was glad that he got the spotlight in book two.  As I noted before with the first book, the writing and background are unique and refreshing for this sub-genre.  I can easily recommend it to those who enjoy m/m paranormal romance.

I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

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