Young Delight Review: Onyx by Jennifer Armentrout

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Young Delight Review: Onyx by Jennifer Armentrout

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Series: Lux #2
Genres: YA Sci-Fi Romance
Published by Entangled Teen
Released on August 14, 2012
Pages: 416
Format: eBook
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I know it goes without saying that you shouldn’t read this if you are planning to read the first book because it will contain a few spoilers, but hey, just saying-

Onyx takes off shortly after the dynamic events from the end of book one, Obsidian. There is a novella that comes in between that I recommend be read first, but I suppose its not absolutely mandatory that one does so.

Daemon saved Katy by healing her and between Daemon, Katy and Dee they created quite a light show that got the DOD’s attention. And we all know getting their attention is just bad. Daemon’s healing of Katy left her with several unexpected side effects. One of them is a bond they now share. This bond wrecks all sorts of havoc for Katy and Daemon because she is convinced that any feelings he has for her aren’t real, but are a result of the bond. Can’t say that I blame her for that assumption since he was an absolute jerk to her for most of the first book even though I know he had his reasons. So these two send off sparks every time they come near each other and its a real tug o’ war of resistance for Katy about how she feels and also acts around Daemon.

But that’s not the only thing, things just keep piling up and are really interesting and/or potentially harmful to Katy. The healing also brought other new alien accessories for Katy. She now has power that she can’t control, but has been witnessed by humans. Katy has also caught the eye of the DOD and she’s under scrutiny along with all the area Luxen. Pesky Arum are still around. There’s a mysterious new boy who hit town and complicates things into a possible love triangle and now her mom has gotten serious about a doctor with whom she works. To top it off, toward the middle of the story, Katy gets a look at someone that changes everything about what Katy and the others have been led to assume about the past.

This plot was so much more intense and filled with anguish than the first book. It is very much a transitional book in that so much is explained and so much happens only to pave the way for bigger mysteries and bigger issues to come. It has that thriller feel after a while when nothing is as it seems. I worked out many of the twists and who was who as everyone else will probably be able to do too. However, there was still much to leave me in a state of surprise.

I was a bit on edge about this plot because I’m not one who likes a lot of angst particularly avoidable angst. As I said this is a transitional point. There is a bit of make or break to it.

Katy’s thinking and actions are the key. Many times she was totally sailing on that river in Egypt and really ticking me off, but she redeemed herself by stepping up and owning to the issues she caused. There’s another part of me that also cut her some slack for some of that because she really was running on fear and faith. She has all the alien mojo, confusion about her feelings for Daemon because she’s still very hurt by how he treated her, and the majority of her actions were selfless.

This book dialed down the scenes with Katy’s friends and particularly Dee though they are still all there. The focus shifted strongly to Daemon and what’s not to like about that. He’s come clean and admitted his feelings for her right away, but unfortunately for Daemon, that’s the easy part. Katy is giving him a run for his money with her doubt about his feelings and then by tossing in her knew friendship with the new kid Blake to cross him up.

I have to say I thought one of the fun scenes was when Daemon assisted Katy with her Vlog ‘In My Mailbox’ posting for her book review blog.

I can only think that the next book will raise the ante even more with all the new stuff they discovered toward the end and I am eager and impatiently waiting for book three.

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