Young Delight Review: Partials by Dan Wells

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Young Delight Review: Partials by Dan Wells

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Series: #1 Partials
Genres: YA Dystopian Romance
Published by Small Publisher
Released on February 28, 2012
Pages: 483
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This story literally swept me up and took me to a whole new world- it was a bleak and dangerous world to be sure.  In the midst of this apocalyptic place,  there was also room for hope and determination for a brighter future.  It was one thrilling ride to the end in one of those ‘race for the cure while fighting the corrupt system oh and toss in a little past government project cover up’ just to really keep it all interesting.  And it was that- interesting- because I couldn’t put the book down; I was so into it.  So glad I went with hearsay from others and the blurb to convince me to get this one.

This apocalyptic-style dystopian takes place in earth’s future of course.  I was centered mostly on the last pure human stronghold of Long Island where even there after the wars and spread of germ warfare disease they are fighting for survival.  The disease that wiped out most of the world’s population has morphed and is still attacking, but it only kills newborns.  There are two main factions on the island- those who conform to the Senate’s rules and those who live for freedom- the Voice.  For survival, people have to grow up a lot sooner.  There are no intact families left and everyone must go to work from a young age.

Oh and hey, just in case that isn’t taxing enough for the human, just across the sound in NYC and all across the Continent is a cyborg like race called the Partials (partial human) who were once designed as the military, but rebelled and turned on the humans who made them.  There has been an armed peace for over eleven years, but now things are about to change.

Kira, a 16 yr old medic, is a very determined young girl.  She sees that without a cure to the disease killing their babies there will be no future even withstanding the presence of the Partials.  Surrounded by a group of friends who are like family, she determines to find the cure when the friend closest to her becomes pregnant.

Kira’s search for the cure takes her and the others who believe in her on quite the quest even across into Partial-held territory.  It is not without sacrifice and it reveals that there is so much more than she has ever been taught about the circumstances she and the rest live in.

The world-building was painted so vividly and was so well crafted that I just soaked up the details about the world that Kira and her friends lived in.  The plot reminded me of an odyssey-type story in ways both because Kira has to go out and search for answers, but not just in the physical-sense of travel thought there is that too.  Kira must find herself and what she wants for her future.  I loved the adventure and intensity that pours out of the story as it moves forward.

There is very little time to catch your breath so to speak before the next thrilling moment descends though this doesn’t take away from there being character development.  There are several prominent characters that function in the support role, but yet are very prominent too.  All have a rich depth to them and several became very dear to me.  I actually teared up at one moment.

I eagerly await the next installment after the huge reveal near the end and also the one at the end.

The story has mild language and no sex, but it offers moderate violence and some disturbing scenes that younger teens might not be ready for.

I can recommend this one for those who enjoy dystopian/apocalyptic adventure.

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