Young Delight Review: Scorching Secrets by Kaitlyn Hoyt

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Young Delight Review: Scorching Secrets by Kaitlyn Hoyt
Scorching Secrets

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Series: Prophesized #2
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Sci-Fi Romance, Young Adult Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on May 28, 2013
Pages: 273
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A magical prophecy, a dangerous journey, and scorching secrets.

Surviving one battle was hard enough for Ryanne, but that was just the beginning. There are so many unknowns ahead of her and the path she is on is riddled with obstacles that she has to overcome if she wants to come out alive.

With her magic growing stronger with each passing day, Ryanne is forced to watch visions play out–visions she doesn’t want to see. When she sees the death of someone close to her, she is forced to change the future. Dravin Kione, the leader of the Gadramicks, is determined to make sure that that doesn’t happen.

He’s at the height of his reign and is going to throw everything at Ryanne to make sure that she doesn’t ruin that. She has information that he needs to move forward and he’s going to gather it at any cost. With the help of his new recruits, Dravin is getting closer to finding her location. He can’t let the prophecy come true and Ryanne is the only person standing in his way.

As Ryanne grows closer to her new family, they get more serious about keeping her out of Dravin’s hands. Battling her guilt, personal feelings towards a green-eyed mage, and the expectations of the mage world, Ryanne is struggling to stay afloat in the sea of confusion that surrounds her new life. With the help of Colton and his family, along with a healer, a dream-walker, and a loud mouthed mage, Ryanne sets out on the journey of a lifetime.

Scorching Secrets is the second installment in the four-part Prophesized Series.

What I liked about the book…

I loved how all the characters interact in this book. Even though they are in grave danger every second of their lives they always find time to dance around the kitchen. Also sing to random songs, tease each other, reverence movies and TV shows, and have amazing food fights.

What I did not like…

I do not like how the romance in this book is going nowhere. Yeah, one book without love is ok, but two is pushing it.

My favorite character

I love Larkin. His personality changes the most. First he was a scared, pathetic man. Now he is a cocky know-it-all bad boy.

My least favorite character

I did not like Logan. I feel like he was a fill in the blanks kind if character. He could have been used so many different ways, but wasn’t.

Would I recommend this book

Yes, I would recommend this book. Maybe not as much as the first. This book had its ups and downs, but with no real romance there is just an adventurist book.

Yours Affectionately, Delighted Reader

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Sophia Rose
8 years ago

Good points about the romance! Pacing one too fast or too slow can almost wreck the story. Thanks for sharing!