Young Delight Review: Shadows by Jennifer Armentrout

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Young Delight Review: Shadows by Jennifer Armentrout

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Series: Lux #.5
Genres: YA Sci-Fi Romance
Published by Entangled Teen
Released on February 20, 2012
Pages: 165
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First of all, please do not read my review if you have not read Obsidian because otherwise this review will come as a spoiler to you.  This leads me to say that I do recommend reading Obsidian first though chronologically this one happens first.

I have put off reading this book for the longest time because I am such a coward.  Yep, went there!  In our family we call it ‘Old Yeller’ cowardice as in ‘great movie, heroic dog, heroic dog dies cue the tears’ type of emotional cowardice.  Now that you are going ‘what the heck???’ I’ll explain.  The popular Lux series began with Obsidian telling the story of a spunky human girl who happens to blog about books (my kinda gal) and the irascible alien hottie and his twin who live next door.  In the story, the human girl learns about the Luxen race and in the process, she learns of the ill fated love affair between Daemon’s twin Dawson and the human girl Bethany.  Now knowing the bare bones of Dawson’s story and that it doesn’t end well, I was a bit skittish about reading said story with all the details knowing full well that I’d probably require a box of tissues nearby.  And yes, I did tear up in the end, but I am glad I tugged up my big girl panties and read this one finally.  I adored Dawson.  He’s so fun-loving and full of hope which really had me cheering for him to finally break free and win his chance at happiness even though I knew the outcome.

The story begins when Dawson spies the new girl in school.  He is attracted to her smile from day one.  For Bethany’s part, she has just moved to West Virginia from Nevada so her mom could take care of her terminally ill older brother.  She knows nobody and has all the trepidation of starting school in the midst of a bunch of strangers.  One gorgeous stranger isn’t shy and welcomes her with his friendly smile and chitchat.  Shock of all, Dawson wants to spend time with her and go out on a date.

Soon Dawson and Bethany are doing the ‘can’t stop thinking about, staring at, texting, phoning and casual dating’ phase.  Dawson’s luxen family and friends take quick notice of his interest in the human girl and they don’t like it.  He is warned away from her, but he doesn’t care and takes his stand that he will continue to see Bethany.

Bethany can’t help, but notice the odd things about Dawson when she spends more time with him.  It’s not until they share a kiss that she is suddenly brought to realize that odd just doesn’t cover the half of it.  The story dives into deeper more serious waters for Dawson and Bethany with his kind openly hostile toward the relationship, the Dept of Defense who monitor the Luxen sniffing around and the ever dangerous alien Aron race nearby hoping to tap the energy of a Luxen.

The plot was gentle for the most part as Dawson and Bethany’s relationship progressed.  It offered up scenes of typical high school teen relationship fare especially on Bethany’s part, but it also had the layer of tension that the alien element added.  Bethany could be described as your average pretty teenage girl with the exception being her love for art and her open-hearted acceptance of Dawson.  Bethany is sensible of the risk and the sacrifice Dawson is making to be with her.  I loved that she wasn’t the needy, clinging type.  I found the opportunity to get to know the Dawson that Daemon and Dee grieved for in Obsidian probably the best part of the story.  Then there are those scenes with the triplets together- priceless stuff.  I can report that apparently Andrew and Ash were always jerks even before Katy’s arrival.

This classifies as Young Adult, but I would recommend this for older teens because the content does contain moderate language and moderate violence.

So, though it took me a while to get up my courage, I am so glad I read this novella length telling of Dawson’s story.  So much makes more sense now!  Fair warning- have a tissue handy if you’re an emotional-type like moi.  Those who enjoy YA level Science Fiction Romance should give this story/series a try.

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