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Yakkety Yak...Let's Chat

What’s your opinion on Reprints?

By that I refer to a book previously published, but now is released again under a new cover, new title, new edition, writing under a new name, or new publisher.

Short answer, I’m alright with it.

Lots of reasons for the need to do it.  I don’t want to get into a discussion on the why so much as the result- the shiny new reprint.

I don’t know when I first noticed reprinted books though I’m pretty sure it was one of those occasions when I got a book and started to have that déjà vu feeling and realized I’d read it before.  Yeah, I was not originally a fan of reprint books because I was mostly exposed to the negative from it.  I had a book with a new title and new cover, but it was an already released story.  Not cool!

And then, I got curious when an author re-released a new edition of a favorite book.  I was nervous that favorite bits about the book were what hit the scrap heap and wasn’t sure new scenes or expanded old ones would compensate.  No worries in that case, but there have been other times that the new edition was a let down for me.  This is still an iffy one for me, but I can at least see more pros than cons for doing it.

So it was years before I saw a solid good reason for reprints.  I have Sourcebooks to thank for my change of heart.  They were reprinting books that had gone out of print and were hard to find (and thankfully still bore the same titles and authors writing under the same names so I could tell if I’d already read it).  Have you seen all the wonderful Georgette Heyer books available to us now?  Rosanne Bittner? Carolyn Brown?  Leigh Greenwood?  Linda Broday?  Yeah, I didn’t know about any of these authors and their wonderful writing until Sourcebooks started re-releasing.

The discussion on reprints invariably crosses over with cover changes which is a whole ‘nuther discussion.  Just as author’s reprinting because they decided to go under a different writing name.  Another related discussion might also be when a story is no longer part of one anthology and either gets printed separate or shows up in yet another anthology (I’ve actually noticed the same novella in THREE different anthologies which is not cool- write a fresh one here, yeah!).

I guess the bottom line for the con side to me is a big ‘pay attention’ and ‘buyer beware’ on my end when picking up a potential read so I don’t end up with a duplicate.  But at the same time, publishers and authors can help us out by notes with the blurbs, putting the former title in small print on the cover, announcing the details in newsletters and press releases.

I’ve learned to see there are not just negatives, but good from doing a reprint/re-release.  Yet more opportunities to enjoy good books.

Now, what are your thoughts about this?  Like it?  Hate it?  Indifferent?  Have you discovered a favorite author through a reprint?  Do Tell!

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Mary Kirkland

There needs to be a sentence about being previously released under this title on this date somewhere on the book, then I’m ok with it.

Sophia Rose

Definitely. Would totally cut down on confusion.

Lily B

I am okay if they re-release the book, but I agree that publishers should let you know it was previously published. I do have to wonder if some previously released books might feel dated?

Sophia Rose

That’s an interesting point, Lily. I suppose the outdated feeling might be there at times. I haven’t encountered it yet since most of my re-releases have been historical. I think I’d notice it more if the book was a contemporary.

Carole's Random Life

I have mixed thoughts about this topic. On one hand, like you, I have enjoyed some of the reiusses that I am finding for the first time recently. On the other hand, I have bought what I thought was a new book at times in my past just to get home and realize it is the same darn book. I think they need to be clear that it is a reissue, new cover, or different pen name.

Sophia Rose

Agreed. Clear, clear, clear. LOL


If it’s a favorite author and it doesn’t look familiar, I always look to see date first published because I’ve been burned before. Nora Roberts old books have almost all been rereleased so I always look at her published dates. A heads up from the publisher would be nice! Sometimes you do see one on Amazon warning you, but not so much on paperbacks.

Sophia Rose

That’s a good way to weed out any potential already read ones, Lorna. 🙂


I’m drowning in all the books I need to read that I already have so this hasn’t even been on my radar for a few years lol

But in general I don’t care because sometimes books need a fresh update to bring in new readers but yes, I think there should be something to inform us first.

For What It’s Worth

Sophia Rose

Sigh… I’m right next to you in those drowning books, Karen. LOL

Definitely a way to tell on the book that its an update or re-release.


I’m okay with them, but agree with Lorna to check the publish date to make sure I don’t already have it in my already overflowing stack. Hugs…RO

Sophia Rose

Yes, I love her suggestion, Ro. 🙂


I confess that I’m quite indifferent about it but it’s nice to have re release mainly when we can’t find the others or to have a great new cover

Sophia Rose

Lovely new covers are definitely a bonus, Melliane. 🙂