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Yakkety Yak Let's Chat

Author websites…oh how I love thee. Yes, I love checking out author websites, especially the ones I adore, but even the new authors I have just found. Checking out what they are working on. Finding out when their next release is coming. Where I can buy their books. And even what reading order I should read a series. But hold up there a minute. Not all authors offer this kind of information.

With each review we do here, I try to include links to the authors website, Twitter account, Facebook page and even GoodReads. Then there are the links to buy the book. I want to make it easier for my readers to connect with authors or even find out more information, but also to buy the book they just read a review on. This all takes time to find and sometimes it is like hunting for a needle in a haystack.

Until this last week I included almost any way you could buy an book we reviewed. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find, nor is it offered by every site like Kobo, Books-a-Million or Smashwords. This hunt could have been made easier if authors put links on their website to buy their books. Whooooooaaa there…authors don’t put links to buy their books on their sites? You would be surprise how many don’t. Well over half the books we review have authors who don’t sell themselves by providing an easy link to buy their books. So they are missing out on sales. Maybe not a ton, but you never know.

So to that end, we aren’t putting all the links we can find any more to buy a book. Just Amazon, Barnes & Noble and ARe. If I have to hunt to find your book, then you don’t get a link and you lose out on me trying to help you sell your book.

Then there is the whole social media aspect. Not all authors have Facebook pages, Twitter accounts or even update their Goodreads profile. I was also surprised when about 10% of authors don’t even have a website. Now days it is so easy to set up a WordPress, Blogger or any type of blog type site that isn’t hard to manage. I mean, I don’t spend my time looking at the design as much as how easy it is to find the information I need. So I just don’t get it when an author doesn’t have some type of social media presence. I don’t expect every author to have every type of social media account there is, but I do expect at least a simple website.

So if you are an author and do have Twitter, FB, Goodreads, etc. why not make it easy for us to find you? Do you create the accounts and then don’t want to connect with your readers? Put it on your website, preferably on the front page. Don’t make your readers dig to find you, because guess what? There are thousands of authors and the ones who do make it easy, will see me more than you see me.

A final pet peeve…if you have a series, please put the reading order on your site. I am not a fan of reading books out of order. Other websites have these kinds of lists, but hey, it’s your book series, not theirs. So you will have the most up to date and correct information, not Amazon, Goodreads or any other site listing your series.

All of this may seem like a lot of work, but remember, we help sell books to readers, we buy the books you are selling. Making it easier to become a fan and find out what we need to know, makes me an even bigger fan! So invest a little time please authors! Because if you don’t, then I can’t care either to help you out.

What do you thinks? Let’s chat!

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Sophia Rose
Sophia Rose
9 years ago

Amen, sister! ;D Particularly about find out the series order.