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Yakkety Yak Let's Chat

Ever had a series you love, but after the eighth or so book, the series starts to seem like it will never end? Almost like the author is grabbing at anything to keep the series going? And you are just ready for it to end even though you adore it? Yeah, I have had a couple series that have done that to me lately.

The Darkest CravingLords of the Underworld by Gena Showalter

I adore the Lords of the Underworld by Gena Showalter. Especially the original Lords are my favorite with the exception of Gideon, who came later in the series, but is my favorite Lord. As the series has continues, I have grown slightly bored with it. It is like it has lost its way and there is no purpose to the end. When it started, the story was about saving all their lives by getting Pandora’s Box. Throw in a group of humans looking to destroy them and Gods playing with their lives, I was so intrigued. I couldn’t put the books down and re-read them all several times. But as the series as continued, I have lost some of my zeal for it. Paris’s story let me down as well as I am not a fan of Strider. Now I am waiting for The Darkest Craving (Kane’s/Disaster’s story) on pins and needles. Will we get further to meeting the goal of this series? Or will I be left feeling like we just meandered off in a new direction?

Edge of Dawn

Midnight Breed by Lara Adrian

The Midnight Breed series started out for me in paperback many years ago. I had started in the middle of the series and was confused so I put them away and didn’t think of them for a long time until I picked up the first book in the series on Kindle. That hooked me! I tore through that series fast until I was forced to wait with everyone else for new books in the series. But as the series continued I got disenchanted with the need to not focus on the hero/heroine in the story. I wanted to read Hunter’s story so bad, but the book felt so much like a prequel to Chase’s story. On top of that, it seemed like Breed were added to the Order so we could have more stories. I was kind of glad at the end of Chase’s story that it seemed to be the end, but there was no official word it was. I was completely surprised and delighted that the series got a reboot to the future with a whole new set of issues and challenges. The next generation of Breed and Breedmates are growing up and finding their own love in a new society. I am so excited to continue on with the reboot of a series!

LoverAtLastThe Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward

Oh, I know I am going to get some comments for this one. I admit I wasn’t a huge fan when I started. Pickup up the book and putting it down several times, got me through the first book. Then I was hooked and hopped on the wagon as a big fan. Probably not as big as some people though. The brakes hit hard when I got to Phury’s story. I read it and just felt … blah. Well, every author is allowed one book that just doesn’t resonate with me, so I kept going. But as it has continued, the Lessers don’t seem to be much of a threat any more and now we have the Bastards causing problems. Payne and Manny’s story went the way of Phury’s and I started questioning if this series was for me. I held on for Tohr’s story and while I loved seeing his redemption, I didn’t like No ‘One. Finding sympathy for her was hard. Wellsie was dead and No ‘One was saved? It just didn’t float my boat. Now we are moving onto Blay and Quinn’s story. I am hanging on to read this one, but if it doesn’t live up to my expectations, I think I will be done with this series.

Group of Men, Paranormal, Vampires, Oh MY!

What seems to be a central theme of the series I mentioned is there are a group of men in a paranormal world. There is a common issue they are all fighting for and along the way they find love. Sometimes easy sometimes not so easy. So are my problems related around the end goal? Fixing the issue? How long do you go on fighting for something to have it continue one forever with no end? Or having the problem change like the author can’t find the right resolution?

Spin off series seem to be a way to help move onto another issue. Or in the case of the Midnight Breed series, resolve the current issue and then jump 20 years into the future.

Know that there are more than just these three series that are in my mind to give up on if something isn’t done quickly, but we don’t have all Sunday to go through my reading list 🙂

So what series are on your list that seem to be dragging on without a goal end in mind? Are you read to drop them? Or have you already dropped them…or even continue on because you have dedication in your heart?

Yakkety Yak…Let’s Chat!


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Sophia Rose
9 years ago

I had to sit there and really think about this one and had to laugh because I couldn’t come up with a single series that I’ve gotten tired of and I’ve read all the ones you’ve mentioned. Yes, there have been a few dud books in a series that didn’t do as much for me. I tend to have patience even with books that are the transition/set up ones. I’m pretty sure its some quirk I have that puts me in a minority reading group. LOL I guess I have a high tolerance I guess. Here’s a few examples that… Read more »