Yakkety Yak…Let’s Chat Marriage and Romance!

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Yakkety Yak...Let's Chat

Yakkety Yak…Let’s Chat Marriage and Romance!

Welcome back to a new week of Yakkety Yak Let’s Chat. Today’s my 18th wedding anniversary, so what better time to talk about romance and marriage…even after years together.

It’s All New and Shiny…

Most of the romances we read are about new love. Maybe not first love, but a couple, menage, or whatever embarking on falling in love with each other. It’s new, exciting, wonderful! You have stars in your eyes, passion in the bed and everything is just rosy. And the stories end with a happily ever after.

Wait … Hold On There…

The stories end before the years start piling on. Mortgages? Car payments? Kids? Career changes? It all starts to pile on in real life and we really don’t want to read about that because, frankly, books are our escape from this world. Do you know how many romances fueled my imagination and even my love life as I was tired from a day at work, only to have laundry and two screaming kids…oh and supper to fix.

Nope…the Golden Years Will Have to Wait!

I am in no way old. I still have a four year old so that should say I am still frisky! At 14 years of marriage we still had the love and passion to pop out another kid! Now 18 years seems like a long time. I can’t remember all the details of my wedding day…and the photographer was horrible. And if I look back even farther, I remember our first date almost 22 years ago.

Any hints for romance?

I say keep reading. Try a new position in the bed for sex. Unexpectedly grope your partner. Heck I still find my soon to be 40 year old husband to be the sexiest man alive! He can be my cover model any day of the week. Find some quiet time away from the kids and family…I don’t get to do this often enough. Find a romance about couples just like you. They have stayed together, had their ups and downs, but in the end they love each other. I love reading about rekindling love when life just gets to be to much for a married couple.

Most of all…love and respect your partner. 18 years is a long time and I hope to make it 50, but for now I just need to get to 20, 25, 30 and 40. Maybe some grandkids along the way to spoil, but not too soon please.

So this March 2, 2014
Happy Anniversary Tom,

the lover of my life, the father of my children, supporter, cheerleader, comedian and best friend.

Yakkety Yak…Let’s Chat!

How long have you been with your partner?

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