The Bride Spy by Tracey Jane Jackson

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Bride Spy by Tracey Jane Jackson
The Bride Spy

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Series: #3 Civil War Brides
Genres: Time Travel Romance
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Each book in this time travel to American Civil War era series just seems better than the one before it.  Right from the start I was engaged in this story mostly because I really liked the modern day heroine, Hannah Nelson, who is sent back into the past and the hero in the past, Christopher Butler.  Both were minor characters in the previous books so I already knew where they fit in the scheme of things.

This is definitely a series that needs to be read in order for things to make sense because there is an ongoing story arc and the characters tie together.  This is the third story in the series.

Hannah Nelson is a transplanted New Zealander now going to school and working in Chicago.  She is studying dance and moonlights as a private investigator.  Hannah uses her investigative skills to continue pulling together clues to the disappearance of her best friend Emma, Emma’s sister, Sophie, and Sophie’s husband Jamie.  She detects a pattern of where the disappearances take place, but can’t think of what it can mean.  Not that it matters because no sooner does Hannah go to practice at the dance studio that’s housed in a historic building than she stumbles on a portrait of a handsome man and a time portal opens.  She is then whisked to the past and found inside the man in the portrait’s barn.

Christopher Butler is a man who likes to be in control of things.  His sister Gwendolyn challenges him on how concerned she is because he is tight and serious all the time and she holds a certain lady of his acquaintance responsible.  But then Christopher finds his life turned upside down when Hannah Nelson blazes into his ordered world.  She challenges him and stands up to him.  He should be affronted, but instead he is enchanted.  Chris has no idea what to do with the new state his emotions are in as he can’t seem to get enough of Hannah.

Hannah can’t believe how quickly she has fallen for a man in the past.  She’s still trying to wrap her head around the fact that she time-travelled and all the missing people are right there, but that doesn’t change the fact that Chris has swiftly become the most important person in her life.  The speed to which her feelings turn to love scare her.  Chris is right in it with her though.  But the threat from those who wish to alter the past cannot be ignored as they discover that Hannah is on their hit list amongst other schemes they have.  Hannah’s skill learned from being an investigator maybe the only thing that stands between her and danger when the time comes.

The plot of this one is similar to the others in the series in that the heroine is brought back from the present, the hero is from the past, there is romance and there is intrigue.  It could easily feel like the same story, but it’s not really because each heroine is so different as are the heroes.  I think this is my favorite hero and heroine so far.  I just loved how Hannah is a no-nonsense ‘get ‘er done’ type and how her personality really compliments Chris who has the smarts to see a woman worth having, but must learn to get past his false assumptions and overprotective behavior.  The humorous scenes when Chris errors and has to come to Hannah with an apology were fun to read.  They are a very tender and passionate couple who I loved see come together.

The focus is mainly on the romance, but the conspirators are still there.  I’m still not entirely sure what they’re up to, but at least there was more detail given about the ‘how’ to the time travel worked and the ‘why’ certain people are picked to be brought back.  I look forward to further revelations to the bad guys’ agenda as the series progresses.

I love how each story keeps up with recurring characters and stays au currant with the previous heroes and heroines.  The revelation in regard to Christine’s Stephen was pretty cool.  I’m really looking forward to certain characters getting their stories.

I recommend the book/series to those who enjoy time travel romance that is on the sweet side.

Thank you to the author for providing my copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Yours Affectionately

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