Young Delight: Opal by Jennifer Armentrout

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Young Delight: Opal by Jennifer Armentrout

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Series: Lux #3
Genres: YA Sci-Fi Romance
Published by Entangled Teen
Released on December 3, 2012
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This series is just pure awesomeness. I’m still breathless after that catastrophic cliffhanger. Yeah, thought I’d get that reveal out of the way right off the bat. If I didn’t like this series so much I’d really hate this author for her sadisticness. The book goes along with fairly average highs and lows like the rest in the series and then rams into Luxen speeds and potency to deliver the grand finale ending. You’d think I’d be used to it after the last book did this to me.

Series spoilers to follow. DO NOT read on unless you’ve read book two or if you’re the rare type that love spoilers. Oh and as I said before in a series review, I’d recommend that Dawson’s book Shadows be read just before this one even if it is a prequel.

So anyway, this one begins with everyone picking up the pieces after Adam’s death, Simon’s disappearance, Blake’s betrayal and Will’s greed. Katy is walking around with a boatload of guilt for her part in things. Dee is righteously angry and grieving. Dawson is a faint shadow of his former self. And Daemon, well Daemon is still the big strong protector and glue that helps them all hold it together.

Now that Dawson is free, he needs to free Beth and it’s all they can do to keep him from charging in foolishly. Then just as they all decide that they will help Dawson, an unlikely source of help appears. And there are even more surprises in store that I’ll keep mum about.

I will share that Katy and Daemon are finally together without much of the anger and some of the angst. I say ‘some’ because they both have jealousy and trust issues to a certain extent. There’s also a part of me that got irritated with Katy’s insistence on being included in all the dangerous stuff even though she’s the featherweight in the group, but I can understand the need to not just stand helplessly on the sidelines if there’s even a chance that I could do some good. She gets pouty and petulant a few times, but nothing like before when her anger seemed over the top if she was thwarted. I liked seeing them both grow. Yes, Daemon had to grow a bit too because he’s learning to be in a relationship and not let some of the things in his past interfere with the present. That being said, he’s still the arrogant, adorable and cocky Luxen we all love. Seeing the three siblings all together even if they’re hurting and vulnerable was still a wonderful thing.

So much goes on in this book even if it seems like things are moving along in a leisurely fashion at times. Don’t be fooled or get antsy because they are moving and setting things up for what comes after. It’s like reading Harry Potter all over again when you have to pay attention to the littlest details which sometimes lead to nothing and sometimes lead to a huge surprise- good and not so good. And as I previously mentioned, by the end, the clues didn’t just trickle into reveals, they poured out in a gusher ending things abruptly with me gasping for air. August cannot come soon enough for the next installment.

Those who enjoy YA Sci-Fi Romance that takes place on Earth involving secrets and conspiracies really need to get on the stick and read this series.

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